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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

He will guide you | how Amber refreshes

Last week was all about refresh and it was a joy to talk through it with y'all. This week, I'm going to let some other precious ladies use this space to talk about how THEY find refreshment. Today is Amber from Intentional Living Today

On the day that Jessi asked me to do a post on how I get refreshed, I literally laughed out loud to myself. I was having one of the toughest days, and I was thinking, “Lord, how do I get refreshment? How can I write about this?

It is so true to say that the Lord is a gracious, merciful, and loving Father, who even in the moments of my despair, and doubt, looks on me with immense love, and says “here I am.” Starting at the end of that day, and throughout the rest of the weekend, the Lord did refresh my heart in so many ways.

That night I was starting my ten month old daughter, Brookelyn’s bed time routine. We read The Big Picture Bible by David Helm, and the chapter we were on was the birth of Jesus. Brookelyn loved it as we flipped through the pages and she pointed out the baby over and over again. It was in that moment that the Holy Spirit reminded me that He is the source of my refreshment. My heart was filled with overflowing joy, as I was able to share with my daughter why the shepherd’s were singing with the angels on the night that Jesus came into the world. When I think about my Savior, the springs of my heart cannot help but flow with rushing waters of joy, knowing the work He accomplished for me.

After Brookelyn was asleep, I then preceded to pray. My husband and I minister to the youth at our church and our challenge for the youth this week was to spend 30 consecutive minutes in prayer every day. I have trouble with concentration, so when I pray I like to write out my prayers. As I was writing out the heartfelt prayers for my students, and family, my heart was once again refreshed. The knowledge that the creator of the universe delighted to hear my broken heart’s prayers was healing to my bones. 

The verses in Isaiah then rang true in my soul. It says if we pour ourselves out for others, even when they can’t give anything back in return, “then shall your light break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily; your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard” (Isaiah 58:8).  We are healed when we serve. Our light breaks forth when we practice true, undefiled religion. It is then that the glory of the Lord becomes our rear guard.

These two things began to change the tone of my entire weekend. I was able to lay aside my fears and disappointments that I had faced at the beginning of the week, and the Lord granted me a peace that surpassed all understanding that then guarded my heart so that I was able to find contentment. My fears were dispersed and I sat down to read a book with warm tea.

I was able to find refreshment in other ways as well throughout the weekend. My husband came home on Saturday watched the baby and offered to cook dinner for us. I went out for a run during this time, and found the Lord’s presence once again. For me, there is nothing like hitting the pavement and clearing my head during the midst of a run. I worshiped while listening to Hillsong, and I came back to sit down to a meal full of vegetables and fresh chicken, and a healthy meal is something that I had not had in a long time.

One last way that the Lord has practically given me refreshment is through No Makeup Monday. It was something that I started about 3 weeks ago on my blog in order to work on my inner beauty. Every Monday I set out to not wear makeup, or make the focus on my outward beauty, but to work on an imperishable beauty. Throughout the day I seek to memorize scripture every chance I get no matter what I am doing and dedicate the day to seeking the Lord in any and every way I can. I cannot tell you how great this has been for me spiritually.

My encouragement to you is to seek the source of refreshment, once you find Him, He then will guide you in practical ways to continue to find waters that do not fail. He will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places.

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