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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

testimony + tour

This post will be one part testimony, one part house tour/peak into our life, and one part shop update. 
Ready? Ready. 

We officially have one room in our house almost all the way unpacked. 
I feel so selfish telling you - eek! It's my office. The living room is functional and our bedrooms are filled with boxes, but my little creative workspace is ready and I am so grateful. 

I need to tell you, having an office at all feels like a huge, huge luxury and gift from the Lord. When we first started looking at houses in Charleston - we had a DREAM list, a best case scenario list of things that would only happen if the Lord work about 8 miracles. We were praying for 3 bedrooms, but we really needed an office for Nick. With church planting + the print shop, he really needed a space to call his own and have people in. Buuuuut, I work about 30 hours a week too on my little creative endeavors and an office would be a huge blessing to me. We didn't think it would happen but we prayed about it. A space for him and a space for me. 

When my mom first found our house (she was literally just out driving and looking for homes for us), I was floored to find out there were TWO offices. One on the bottom floor, right in the middle of the living area, and one on the top floor, tucked away and private. We decided Nick should obviously have the private one and I'd take the one right smack in the middle of the fun - where I like to work anyhow.

Now - without further, ado - Can I give you a little tour? 

Here's the view of my office right behind the front door when you walk in! 
(Nick was borrowing my desk for a budget talk. Don't you love middle of the afternoon budget meetings with your husband/boss/pastor? Me too.)

And here's what I'm really excited to show you! 
See those huge, huge prints on the wall? I really did not want to decorate our home without some really big prints and I wanted y'all to be able to do the same. We're going to start selling these ginormo poster prints - sized 18x24 in the shop. You can get any print in our shop blown up to this size! 

Ok, back to the office....

I am seriously so blessed and thankful to have this space. 
Since we've moved and begun this church planting process, all of our family rhythms are getting shaken up. It's been such a huge benefit to have a designated spot to work right smack dab in the middle of the crazy of our family. It's really where I do my best creating. 

clockwise on this wall: art from Worship Artist, poster size from our shop, watercolor,
art from Carrie Davis - from years ago, 11x14 print from our shop 

From where I sit at my desk, when I look to the right - I see into the kitchen. 
I hear lots of "Mom, can I eat this banana?" as it's already unpeeled. 

And ooooooh, look there! An 11x14 print
In addition to the 18x24 posters sized prints, we're also offering 11x14's! 
These also make a great statement on any wall. 
And looky there, when I look to my left - I can usually find another little beauty. 
I can greet people coming in the front door or peek my head around at the kids as they color on the living room floor. I love it!

Again, I'm so super grateful that the Lord provided a house in our budget that has two little offices in it. I pray lots of people are blessed by the time that I spend at this here desk. Maybe once we get Nick's office set up, he'll let me do a little photo tour over there?!

And you? I hope you like these new large prints! 
Hop on over to the shop and check them out

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