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Friday, July 26, 2013

an end of summer benediction

First, some end of summer pictures. 

my main mini man and his first ice cream
a restfilled afternoon at Pop and Kiki's watching Shirley Temple

a non-restfilled afternoon at our home after craft time
I let Glory paint my nails and toenails! 

On Wednesday, we were driving home from our last little mini-excursion. This summer has been full of them for us - planned and unplanned. I was looking ahead at the calendar and having a tiny freak out. From that day, we had exactly four weeks till our big kids (at least two, probably three) head to school. The summer is nearly gone! And what do we have to show for it? 

Our house is semi-unpacked and kind of decorated. 
I had big plans to read a bajillion books and write a good bit on my own. 
I wanted to launch a new product line by August 1st. (still coming!)
All these should of and could've wrapped up in a 2/3 gone summer. 

My man, he has a good head on him though and the Lord calmed my heart through his words. He encouraged me that we have done great work this summer. We have abided. I have abided. I have held ice cream cones out to babies and let my phone battery dwindle while I dawdle with my kids. I've let mess and rest and creativity sweep over me. I've felt the Lord sweep through stiff places in my heart like a broom brushing cobwebs aside. 

If you feel like it's running by too quickly, don't stress. 
Look around and soak it up. Drink it in. 
The work is in the watching and the being. 
Our Father made the seasons with perfect purpose and that deflated, tired, fulfilled, warm feeling that washes over you on a summer afternoon - that's from Him. 
Soak it up. 

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