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Monday, July 15, 2013

wait, wait // and a calendar

Wait, wait. 
It's July?
The middle of July? 
It's the time of year that tends to make my plans + goals loving heart panic a little. 
It's the very middle of the month and it's the very middle of the year and everything is flying by. 
The days are flying by. 
Usually at this point in the year I like to take stock of where I'm at with this year's goals. But. Y'all. I'm pretty sure I didn't make any this year. I'm pretty sure I was a few weeks out from having a baby, launching a network, and prepping to move when the new year rolled around and now I'm left just trying to clutch on to 2013 before it throws me around like a rag doll. 

And then we moved and then all the funerals came and everything just feels so fast and furious. On hectic days, when I feel super stressed, the panicked line that goes through my head is, "I just want to take a nap. I just want to take a nap. I just want to take a nap." Not necessarily because I'm so tired, but because I just want to shut down and stop all the things. 

And this guy? Seriously? Almost Six Months old? 
But you know what? I'm not a napper. I can't do it gracefully. I wake up from Kramer like Seinfeld and I usually don't know where I am or who I am. But this past Saturday, I did it. I made the mistake of letting all the things get to me and I laid down to shut my eyes for a minute. And when I woke up - I was like a mad woman. 

I was grumpy and confused and worse than when I laid down. Nick and the kids were ready to head to the pool to meet up with family and I was still trying to figure out where I was. Once everyone was settled in their carseats, I climbed in the front seat and tried to wait patiently while Nick locked up the house. It was hot and stuffy and I was tired and had no clue how it was all of a sudden 5:30pm. 

For some reason, the Lord used that moment to blow through our car with a huge rush of some cool wind and He did the same to my heart. I had a really intense feeling of: 

It's ok. It's ok that time feels like it's gotten away from you. Be present now. I'm here now. Don't let now get away from you.
So if you're feeling like it's all rushing past, let's stop for a minute. 
It's never too late to start over and be present today. 
And in honor of that thought, here's a calendar for July. I know - it's halfway through July. But I left the dates off so you can let it bleed on till August and not feel bad about missing the first half of the month. Or is that just me? 

Either way - enjoy! 
Grab some coffee, print this calendar as many times as you like, and ask the Lord to blow a fresh breeze in your heart and mind. 

Right Click // Save // Print on best quality you can // Repeat

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