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Thursday, August 29, 2013


As we're navigating this new season of three big kids in school, there is one really important aspect that we're having to pray through and strategize. 


Ok, ok. You and I both know it's not the most important thing - BUT this new season has brought a little bit more time to be intentional in how I get dressed AND it's brought a little bit of freedom from the dirty chores of the day because there are three less children to care for. On top of that, I see people more often because I'm picking up, dropping off, going on meetings, and running more errands. 

And so I've begun to think a little about School Mom clothes and I've found some good things I want to pass on! Here's what I'm loving so far. 

From top left, counter clockwise. Layla top from LSJ // moccasins are on my must get list since I tried on The Tiny Twig's a few weeks ago // Tory dress from LSJ // ring from Kitsy Lane // camo pants from Urban Outfitters // knuckle rings. I want a million knuckle rings.   

This is kind of my new inspiration board as I try to beef up my school mom wardrobe. The goal is casual, slightly edgy, with a huge dose of boho thrown in there. 

 One thing I did that helped me jump into a new clothing season? 

I finally tried Stitchfix! If you're not familiar with Stitchfix - the process works a little like this: You fill out a detailed questionnaire about how you like to dress and what your body is like. You pay $20 for them to send you a "fix" and a stylist handpicks some clothes for you to try. You keep what you like and send back what you don't. The $20 styling fee gets applied towards any clothes that you want to keep. 

I was a little nervous, but seriously thought the process was so fun and helped me get out of my comfort zone with what I want to be wearing. I loved everything they sent me, but I decided to keep the top in the picture above! I will be scheduling my next fix ASAP and next time plan to document a little better the process of what they sent and how I picked it. I feel like this is such a fun little treat for any gal needing a wardrobe pick me up. Even if you don't keep anything, just to get pushed a little in your wardrobe is such a help. 

You can sign up for stitchfix super easily here

Lastly, the new core of my school mom wardrobe? I'm loving what the girls at La Senorita Jolie are pumping out. I heard about this clothing company through a friend and fell in love. It's all the things I want in clothes. Clean, well-made, simple, but super stylish. This is me wearing the poppy shirt. Also - they're offering Naptime Diaries readers free shipping with coupon code LSJ-EMB-FS. You won't be disappointed by the quality of these goods and they have new products coming out all the time! 

So whether you're a school mom or not a mom or never want to be a mom, those are my quick tips for brushing up your wardrobe. It's a continual process for me to peel. off. the. yoga. pants. but I know that taking a little time to invest in how this outer self looks aids in my overall process to live #wildandfree

What about you? 
Have you tried StitchFix? What are you fave brush-up-the-wardrobe-tips? 

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