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Friday, August 16, 2013

wild + free // new products // birthday sale

On Saturday I turn 29 and birthdays are definitely a thing for me. 
I like taking stock and I like planning ahead and I like setting intentions. 
In the past few weeks as I've thought over my 28th year, I've been so so so stinking grateful for all the Lord has done and I've also noticed how incredibly distracted I have been in so many ways. 

I've been distracted by my fears and insecurities. 
Distracted by my need for planning and control.
I feel like for all the good things the Lord has done, I've missed some of the sweetness because I've just been too tripped up looking inward.

I'm usually a planner, a life mapper, and a goal setter. But this birthday, I'm just praying. 
Praying that the Holy Spirit would move before me and through me. 

I'm throwing off scared and stifled. 
I'm handing my thoughts and hands and plans over to Him. 
I'm doing things I've felt stirred to do and making room to be stirred even more. 
My desire is to be so rooted to and submitted in my relationship with Him, that He brings a wild freedom for His glory. 

A new tattoo? More writing? Different blog posts? 
Loving others with abandon, I hope. Resting without fear, yes. 
Playing, dreaming, doing - I hope so! 
And it starts today with some new products that I've been really wanting to share with y'all but I've been positively dragging my feet. 

Here's what's new in the shop!

And to celebrate? 
Well, I'm going to go on a long prayer walk on the beach and drink milkshakes with my friends and go to a neighborhood picnic, but how about we have a sale in the shop for you? 

We'd love for you to check out our new notecards and take advantage of the 29% off sale we're having today and tomorrow (8/16 and 8/17). Use coupon code BIRTHDAY for anything in the shop! And stay tuned for more on my wild and free year. 
I'll have lots to say I'm certain! 

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