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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Let's talk about Easter & Lent

I should say, off the bat, I'm no easter or lent expert. 

I was a religious studies major in college, but I can't say that I remember all the nuances or the different variations of how people celebrate the holiday that revolves around Jesus' birth and I can't really define how lent came to be. I am, however, a lady with her intentions set on squeezing every last ounce of God's glory from my days - holidays included. Our advent calendar was born out of a need - I wanted a way to redeem the cultural celebrations I saw around me and make the season leading up to Christmas meaningful for my family in a beautiful way. Our lent calendar last year, was the same. This year's reflective lent journal is a little bit more slow-paced and quiet way to celebrate, but I'll be bringing the intentionality all the same. 

Twice this month I'll be helping out with classes that are meant for women who'd like to do a little slowing, quieting, & planning whereas lent is concerned. First, over on the The Influence Network tomorrow night I'll be teaching an online class called Walking With Jesus & Preparing for Lent. We'll consider some of the benefits of slowing down and getting closer to the story of Jesus ourselves. We'll spend time planning intentional times to celebrate Lent & Easter in our communities. The class is $10, but anyone can purchase - you don't need to be a member. You don't even need to be available at the time of the class (9pm EST), because we send all the videos from the classes to anyone who signs up! 

Also, for local gals in Charleston - I'll be teaching the same class & format and you can find the event information for that here. It'll be February 24th at 6:30pm! 

I'd love to connect during one of those!
Also..... fun news over at The Influence Network
We announced our 2014 conference speakers;) 

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