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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the story of us

Awhile back, a friend said to me "I like reading your blog but I miss the days when it was more about who you are and less about what you do. I understand why it can't always be like that, but I still miss those days."

And it's true. What started as a family blog/place to dump my heart thoughts has morphed into more. As our small businesses have become our job and as our family and ministry has become our life, it feels really easy to protect what is our life and blog about what is my job. Life feels sacred, the good and the bad of it. The car rides with kids pinching each other and babies crying in the night. Cuddle sessions on Sunday afternoon and moments curled up next to my husband as we pray and share our fears. Sometimes the fuller life gets, the more I want to hide it from the internet. 

BUT. I don't want to look back on this blog and not remember what our family was like. One of the biggest blessings of having blogged for 9 years is that I can look back and remember. So today, I thought I'd just give a quick family update - a story of us, who we are right now, from my perspective. 

Nick: Our patriarch is leading us well. He's following Jesus and we're following him. Nick is full time working for the church now and handed almost all of his responsibilities with Naptime Diaries to Jacey and I. He still primarily works from home, which is a straight up blessing to me. He spends his days studying and praying, meeting with new church members, meeting with other people in our city, serving at our kid's school, and planning and strategizing for the church. I surprised him with a bike for Christmas (which was the hardest thing in America to surprise someone with) and he's started riding a good bit. For fun, he works out and occasionally watches sports. For fun, I tell him he needs to have more fun. 

Elias: Elias turned seven at the end of January and most days I'm not sure who is parenting who. Ebug wakes up faithfully at six every morning, so him and I get to spend that first hour together - squished together on the couch as I read the Bible and he plays with legos or reads a book. His heart is in such a cool place right now, as he's all of a sudden exposed to the world in so many new ways - but he wants to be tethered home too. He reads his Bible every night in bed and he does a wicked english accent. He loves legos and anything electronic. His hair is so thick and beautiful, I feel like it must hurt his head. 

Glory: Glor just turned six last week and I swear in my head, she is still 4. Maybe 5. Not 6. The only word to describe her is JOY. She is so full of joy. And even when she's not, when she's mad or fussy, she makes us feel joyful because she's so stinking cute. She serves her heart out - often asking multiple times a day, "Is there anything else I can do?". She loves Frozen like every other little girl in America right now. She likes Irish dancing, which is hilarious to watch. She gets dirty quicker than anyone I've ever met and her smile is infectious. 

Benjamin: Oh Benj, son of my right hand. We've seen more growth in Benjamin in the last year than I ever could have imagined. He is growing so soft, but he's still so unlike the rest of us in some funny ways. He's grumpy and sarcastic, isn't quick to show his emotions, and he is really, really, really genuinely funny. One of my favorite moments of 2014 was a month or so ago and he was going to sleep. He still sleeps with his same camo blanket that he's had since he was six months old, even though it barely covers him. I couldn't find his blanket anywhere and he was slowly becoming distraught. I finally found it and after I covered him up and as I walked away, he called my name. I looked back over my shoulder to see him beaming the biggest smile, with his arms outstretch, wanting a hug. It was so, so loving for him and I stored it in my heart. 

Cannon: Cannon, Cannon, Cannon. What can be said of the baby that has me wrapped around his finger? His dad & siblings too. Cannon JUST started consistently sleeping through the night about a month ago, at 13 months old. He still has off nights. He is crazy strong willed and loud like no other. He loves playing ball - a yellow tennis ball is like his girlfriend. He loves waffles and blueberry cereal bars. He's starting to say a few words occasionally - uh oh, Dada, the occasional "no", he says "yeah!" all day long. He likes staring out the front door and watching the neighborhood cats and he went from walking to running in about one day. I still hold him like a baby once or twice a day and man, I am so grateful for him. 

Me? My days are norming out more than they ever have in my adult life. Busy weeks and slow weeks are starting to all look the same. I wake up early to be with the Lord and Elias. I get the kids ready for school and then stare into space for a few minutes when Nick takes them. I start really working around 8am and work pretty hard till noon every day while Cannon plays, naps, or I have a nanny. The rest of the afternoon is a flurry of errands, cleaning, Cannon, a little bit of work, picking up kids, neighbors over, working out, cooking, and cleaning some more. I love weekly date nights with my husband, our new church and these amazing relationships I'm developing. I'm completely humbled and feel like I have so much growing to do in my three biggest passions - motherhood, the church, and health + fitness. I keep a candle lit almost all day, I finally found the perfect lipstick for me and I rewear my outfits a few days in a row. 

This is our story. 
It's not perfect, but man are we blessed. 
This is who we are because He is who He is. 
Thanks for letting me share. 

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