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Sunday, October 14, 2007

So.... I've been thinking

This is sort of a weird thing to say - but I'm thinking about taking the blog a little more GLOBAL. I read a lot of great mommy/christian/pop culture blogs daily. HOWEVER I don't really ever read any that encompass all three! So I got to thinking... while I don't have any special wisdom or advice to give - I can let my blog be a segway to the world of Internet parenting, celebrities, and Christianity ... at least the parts of the Internet that I can find!

I really do think it's so refreshing that Christ allows us to be who He created us to be with Him at the center. He happened to make me semi-obsessed with culture and burdened for celebrities, drawn to pregnant women and interested in parenting, AND extremely thankful to be called one who knows His grace. It's just beautiful to me that I can be a Christ-follower who loves other things (that He created) and this blog is my shout of thanks to Him for that.

So I'll be including a lot more links to great website that fall into those categories, while still keeping some of my fave personal ones to catch up on. I'll probably alternate my blogs with interesting things concerning different subjects - with the occasional personal musing.

OKAY.... I hope this is not only fun for me but readers alike:)


1 comment:

kelly said...

go global girl. can't wait to read more. you're practically a volunteer columnist here. can i subscribe to this mini magazine?