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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welcome to the NRA

Please go read Nick's blog. I promise I won't let him shoot any of you. Unless you try to come near Glory.


Milovy said...

Also, did you get my note about coffee? Can you do tomorrow during the day instead of tonight?

Lauren said...

oh jessi.

i am sitting at work (where i obsessively check my emails) and just got your sweet sweet message.

i am not sure when i started loving you and your family with such intensity. because, in reality, i have spent so little time with you. i suppose the only answer to it is that we're family. we're family in that way that is unexplainable.

i sat here and cried at what you wrote to me. in my cubicle. once in a while i have cubicle church, and that was one of those moments.

i actually tried to get in touch with you the other day because i had tickets to hear rob bell speak (in atlanta), and wasn't able to go. i called steph to get your number, but alas, it was not to be.

this is the longest comment in history, oh well, i know life is going to be insane for the next while, but i will come up to charlotte just to sit and have coffee with you. let me know.


kelly said...

lovin this blog by nick. no problem at all with them going shooting. they can join the tons of dozens of others from mars hill. my only question - where do you store a gun?