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Sunday, November 25, 2007


We're moving and it is for real. I would be starting to freak out but God is very much taking care of my crazy little heart. We have 15 more days in our house. Tomorrow I'm packing - not prematurely, right on time. I will be at Mosaic for three more Sundays. There is a house 2900 miles away that is waiting on our family. Yikes. This is the start of a very big adventure.

Thanksgiving was absolutely amazingly wonderful. We spent Wednesday night with Nick's dad, Thursday morning with Nick's Nana & Thursday evening through Sunday morning with my family in Charleston. It was really such a blessing. We ate, we cooked, we talked, we shopped, we played with the kids, we took pictures, we made lots of amazing memories.

I have to say - between all of our different family units, we are extremely blessed. We have amazing family and a lot to be thankful for. We took the greatest family portraits that Ill post up here ASAP.

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday!


Milovy said...

It's coming so fast. I am sad that you'll be moving so far, yet I'm joyful knowing that this is the best for you and family.

I'm a single woman this weekend (Matt is going skiing in WV) so if you need help packing please let me know.

Nika Wade said... time has flown by....I am glad that you, Nick, and family had a beautiful holiday.

I shot you email this past week..would still love to get together this weekend (still planning to come up this weekend to uptown)...let me know.

So excited for the new season that you are walking in-stay focused.


Courtney Wilson said...

Wow, Jessi, this is a HUGE move!! But I can't imagine a more suited job for you and Nick! I know you have so much compassion for the women you'll be working with, and Nick will set the perfect standard for those women to look to! You are going to grow and learn so much. I am reaaaaally excited for you!!

KatieEWalters said...

the peace you have daily is amazing! Love you! K

rachael said...

hey lady, i have a blog too and i've been reading up on you! so proud of you for stepping out into what God has called you. can't wait to hear the updates!