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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"You must be busy...

... you haven't blogged in forever." You're right Merry - it's time!

The past week has been been a whirlwind and it just keeps getting a bit more busy each hour. I've barely been checking my voicemails & emails, much less updating the old blog. I'm going to be a bit more intentional for the rest of this experience though... the Lord is teaching us so much and helping us get so excited about our new adventure and we'd love to share it with you! So... for some updates:

- Yay! It's finally public - I can tell my blogging friends that my dear sister, Katie, who we lovingly refer to as Ruby is pregnant! That little stinker waited until Thanksgiving to tell us but we truly couldn't be more excited for her, Josh, AnnaJaye, & Abigail. She's due around the end of June so we'll be making our first big trip back in July with the WHOLE family.

- We are in the middle of this move and surrounded by boxes... I didn't realize how much I hated packing but it's been actually fun to be with Nick so much and watch Elias 'help'. We'll finish up this weekend, move out on Monday, close on Tuesday and then hopefully it will be semi-smooth sailing from there on!

- God is truly amazing us with our support raising. We've only truly received four pledges for yearly support & we're already halfway to our budget. That is an amazing feat. Our biggest donation so far was a random $6,000 donation from a couple in Seattle that we've never met but read an article about New Beginnings. Wow. Also - "Mosaic" (via Naeem & Ashley) told us that we'll officially been sent as Mosaic Missionaries. They're going to have us make video updates every few months to keep the church updated. That was much much more than we expected or could have asked for.

- Glory baby is doing good. She's kicking the mess out of me and making sure I'm good and tired each night.

I think that's all I can handle for now. There's still packing to do and I'd love to help my husband with it.

love love friends. Jessi.

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Demi Eliese said...

Good luck with everything! I know you guys will be blessed beyond belief, you've already have! tell the fam i said hi!