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Sunday, December 9, 2007

All our bags are packed....

we're ready to go.

Last night at 646. I think we're both beyond exhausted and ready for our little Christmas "vacation" to start. Tomorrow the movers come, we have our last 412 for youth ministry. Tuesday we close on the house and drive to Charleston for a little vacay and much needed quality time with Nonny, Poppy, & Caroline... until Friday when it's back to Charlotte for Staci's graduation/party. Saturday we do Christmas with Nick's extended family, Sunday my dad comes home for the holidays.

Monday thru Thursday is Christmas shopping, family time, visiting friends, Friday the 21 is dinner with my best friends from high school/Forest Hill, the 22 is the Hopper Family Christmas party, 23 is Powell family party, 24 is for Nick's family and our little nuclear family. We'll wake on the 25 and see Nick's nana, aunt and uncle, drive to Cola and say bye to Dad & Judith, drive to Charleston and do Christmas with the Hopper side, spend the 26th as a family, and Nick starts his trek on the 27th. Elias and I will then relax and enjoy time in Charleston until the 2nd when we drive to Charlotte & fly to Seattle.

Just in case you need to know where we're at in the next three weeks.... now you know. I'm really excited for the coming days. I'm going to try and appreciate them for everything that they are - not wish that I was anywhere different or that any circumstance was any different. I love Christmas, I love my family, and I'm excited for this little season to start.


Milovy said...

It's come so quickly and we never did coffee again. :( Know that you are in my prayers. Please let me know the address to send support $ as we'd like to send some as much as we can.
Sweetness and grace to you, baby Elias and Glory and Nick. You're a precious woman and I know you will bless so many in your journey to come.

Nika Wade said...

It was so good to see you yesterday at Mosaic...Thank you for your prayers and your friendship as well. What a beautiful woman and sister in Christ you are. Know that you, Nick, Elias, and Glory continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as you travel the highways, get ready to close tommorow and head to WA....May this holiday be one full of continued joy and blessings and all that you can hope for or imagine :) Love ya gal!

kellycowan said...

jason and i cannot wait for you and nick to be out here. i know this will be a totally different season than any other time in your life. you and nick will lean on each other like crazy and together on the Lord. it will be unique and will make you stronger. we are here as your friends, your support, your community while you are here. we feel so blessed to get to live life with you for a little while. love you and can't wait!
love, kelly