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Friday, December 14, 2007

Right now...

I'm enjoying a nice game of Mafia with friends after Staci's graduation party. We've had such an amazing week so far & it's really going to be a fun few weeks to come. On Monday we totally moved out, on Tuesday we closed on the house, we spent Tuesday through Friday with the fam in Mt. Pleasant & had a wonderful time. Elias officially fell in love with his Nonny - even more so though he ever had before. I've truly never seen him interact with someone besides Nick & I like that... he wanted her every second she was in the room and she played with him until they were both pooped and I was tired from watching.

We're in Charlotte for a little over a week and we would love to see each and every person possible. This Thursday, the 20th, we're having a going away party and we're just sort of doing word.of.mouth/evites so please send me your email if you'd like to come! For those of you who've asked about our address/support info - our new address is PO Box 512, Puyallup WA, 98371. We'll all be there by the first of January.

I have to say - God has been so real to my heart in the last few days. I know that's odd to say but I just feel like He is carrying me through this entire month. I really didn't believe that I would be able to get excited about this move because it was going to be so hard to leave the people I love... but day after day I'm realizing that this goodbye is so temporary. I can't even really get sad about not seeing people because I know I'm going to continue to see what God is doing in their lives and they'll still be so much apart of our story.

Okay enough jabbering... I think I'm a little too tired to make an intelligent thought. Plus, right now I'm the mafia (in the game we're playing) so I should try to be a bit more involved. HAPPY GRADUATION STACE.

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anne marie wicker said...

Your Christmas card picture is so precious!! Elias is one stylin' baby and I'm sure Glory will be just as cute as her big brother! Thank you for sending us a card and Merry Christmas - Anne Marie Wicker