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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nick's Birthday

so... today my very hot and amazing husband turns 25. What an oooold man he is.

This time last year on his birthday, we were GREATLY anticipating Elias' birth - I'm not sure there was anything I could think about besides that. I remember going to dinner for a joint party with Stace/Nick ... and not really being able to fit in the booth at Cantina in Charlotte because my stomach was so big. I remember how hopeful Nick was that Elias would come on his birthday... only to show up two weeks later. I remember wishing I had more money so I get him a gift, but alas - we were broke & I couldn't.

So today for his 25 birthday, I'm feeding Elias waffles, hearing Nick shuffling around upstairs, getting excited about the cakes I made him that actually turned okay, and praying he feels extremely special today. Presents - check. Cake - check. I still have two months to go, but it's a great possibility that one of our girls could go into labor today, so baby on birthday possibility - check. Good friends - check (We're meeting Kal & Shawn in downtown Seattle, then having a big birthday dinner on Friday with Kelly & Jason).

Happy Birthday Nick! I hope you feel EXTREMELY special and loved!


Nick said...

I love you wife. You do a great job with making me feel special. I love you.

jasonbradley said...

Happy Birthday Nick - can't wait to have dinner with you guys on Friday! We love having you here!