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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Domestic Bliss.

For most people, Saturdays are relaxing and the day off... around New Beginnings - we're with the girls all week long, all day long - so Saturday are more of a catch up/clean/reorganize day. Usually Nick has to go to Costco & Fred Meyer to buy groceries, the girls are given deep cleaning chores on top of their daily tidying chores & I just sort of fill in the blanks with Elias. Last night on our way home from a fun group date at Jason & Kelly's, I started making my to-do list on the blackberry & I just decided to be uber-ambitious. The girls are just starting to get used to my goal setting/list making personality... but it makes me feel better if I think of everything possible I'd like to get done... shoot for the best and try not to be dissapointed with myself if I don't get it all done.

So on my list was:
buy books for our getaway trip
take the girls to church (we're still trying to find a good one for them)
clean upstairs
dshs forms
elias food
organize office

I also knew that our quilting teacher was coming for a three hour session (yes, the girls & I have taken up quilting - and I'm right in the middle of the cutest, sassiest pink polka dot/leopard quilt for Glory you've ever seen), and I really wanted some good quality time with Elias before my getaway with Nick tomorrow. So we started the day, I asked the Lord for lots of intentionality & energy - and got it all done! Somehow I found time to work on my quilt, clean the downstairs with the girls, wash every peice of clothing that Elias & I have, pack for the trip, go through about ten boxes of donated baby girl clothing to salvage for Glory, setup & organize my office, buy books for our trip, organize Elias' closet, take the girls to church, set up the calendar for the month, assign chores for the week, make Elias' schedule for while we're gone, wash & iron our sheets, and help take care of the random dog we're all dog sitting! Nick cleaned our entire upstairs of the house, took Elias to Fred Meyer, did his laundry, packed, organize & unpacked even more, AND we both got tons of quality time with E!

I'm not sure how the Lord accomplished it all through us, but I know we're both pooped & ready to spend some quality time together resting and enjoying each other. Our goal is to get away one weekend a month, but with Glory due in a month - we know it's going to be a long while before we're alone for a few nights to ourselves - so while it's hard to leave Elias until Tuesday... it's much needed. Nick has been awesome in planning this little retreat - I know we're going somewhere awesome where I can read and relax alot but that's about it! We'll leave after church tomorrow and be back Tuesday afternoon - so you can pray for us while we're gone... that Elias does really well & the girls do well & that we're able to just be away and love on one another.

I can't wait! Pics & stories to come. Jess.

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Lauren said...

okay, so your comment made my day. i was about to go take a nap, and i got so excited about swapping scarves that i was like, "no time for naps, i have to get ready to leave!!".