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Sunday, February 17, 2008

I just have to take a quick second and blog-praise my husband. I literally don't think I've ever felt so known and loved by him, and by the Lord through Nick. This has been such a beautiful & memorable day. We woke up, went with Elias to church, ate lunch with Kal & Shawn and then drove back to Puyallup. He's been planning this getaway weekend for a few weeks and he hasn't told me anything - except for a few quick jokes about us going camping, which I knew could absolutely not be true.

First - we started our hour long car ride and he allowed me to read a new book he'd taken me to get yesterday, which he usually patronizes me for (he'd rather talk - understandably). Then, about an hour into our ride - we experienced a first together which made me fall even deeper in love with the Northwest. We drove our 4Runner straight onto a FERRY! You can do that! You just drive your car right onto a massive boat and take a quick ride across the Sound to an island that is an entire city! Of course we had to climb out of our car and go explore the top of the ferry - which was so nice and had such fun amenities like a coffee shop & wireless internet! You would think this was my special trip in itself, but I was suprised to find people do this everyday! They live on the island and work in Seattle, and the whole ride - car and everything - costs like $6. Seriously. I'm not hard to impress, obvi.

So then we get to the BEAUTIFUL Whibley Island and I thought it was going to be a deserted small town type of thing, and instead it's an island with several REAL cities! They have nice parts and normal parts - schools, hospitals, dairy queens, and car dealerships! I'm sorry - I just can't get over this phenomenon. So our little part of the island is a small town called Langley and we're staying at The Inn at Langley which is just undescribable. All the guest rooms are facing the Sound - with breathtaking views and private porches. Personal fireplaces, amazing spa-like bathrooms, & one whole side of the guestroom is just massive windows to take in the beautiful view. And - personal spa robes. Did I already say that?

Nick hadn't stopped at just bringing me to such a great place - he had also packed my favorite Carr's crackers & caffeine-free Diet Coke, rented several DVDs, AND brought snacks. So we've already explored Langley and had an amazing dinner - whlie having an amazing conversation about his new vision for his life ministry - none of which I've heard before and all of which I loved. Now I'm going to go enjoy him and our porch and our last little getaway before Glory.

I do HAVE to say - I miss Elias but it's so great to have Faythe, Jimmy, Debi, & Miles so willing to play with him for the next 36 hours and it's alot easier to leave him knowing I'm about to be a nursing mom again with no husband alone time on the horizon. But - when we get home, I'll tell him all about this and encourage him to visit the Inn at Langley for his honeymoon.

I'll leave you with some pictures of our sweet little inn I stole from the website. I really can't say enough how loved and known I feel. That my husband would plan all of this because he knows me so well - means more than any words, more than any gift, more than jewelry or perfume. I love that he and I are so in tune and enjoy the same things and agh... I just can't get enough of him. Thanks Lord for such an awesome man.


kellycowan said...

yeah nick!! i'm so glad jessi is happy for vday! very fun. we got back this afternoon from our inn and loved our trip. little walks and snacks at that little store and reading while glancing up at the view. very nice. lovely. enjoy, enjoy. i wish i was still in langley. :(.

Rachand Merchel said...

awww that sounded/looks wonderful. I'm glad you got to get away before Glory arrives. My mom always likes to remind me to enjoy the time before the next chapter in life because things will never be the same again. Funny how that is so true.

I love you:)

Milovy said...

Can your husband teach my husband?