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Monday, April 14, 2008


MIRACULOUS UPDATE! Katie is getting sent home on strict bedrest. This is awesome for her & for baby because it means the doctors feel confident shes not going into labor in the immediate future. For her enjoyment and reference & for my entertainment, I will list my fantasy bedrest list:
- Ellen, Oprah, & The View (need I say more)
- reading till my eyes fall off
- bragging rights for the most miserable pregnancy:)
- soap operas
- sleeeeeeeeeeping
- soduko & crossword puzzles
- scrapbooking
- quilting
- did I say Oprah?

congrats K love, I am so proud of you for keeping your cervix closed.


Amy Horne said...


Jennifer said...


InthemiddleofLIFE said...

you are too cute. i can't wait til July when we (you, me, Kate minus 8) can do all these things together. Surely, surely? we can do at least half of them in between naps, feeding schedules and cheese and cracker time with the boys, right? Except maybe the bragging rights part - ya'll have me beat on that one. :)

staci with an i said...

jess, with all due respect, you weren't very good at bedrest. *ahem* like when i called you when you were on "bedrest" and you were at wal-mart. :)

very thankful ruby is doing well & the babe is still where he belongs.

KatieEWalters said...

u r so cute and hillarious! and even though I am pretty sure I have no control over that cervix I will def. take the props! I love you and am working on a surprise for you while Im on bedrest so I will add it to the list!!!! I love u!K

Milovy said...

That is such good news. Yah Katie!