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Sunday, May 11, 2008

mothersday photoshoot up:)

Check out the "Our Pictures" link. They're not too flashy but they include Nick & Glory laying around, Elias and I getting freaked out by a horse, and Elias and I taking pictures of ourselves.


Amy said...

The pictures are so awesome. I love Glorys little face and Elias' curls. I also love your darker hair. Wes got my frizzy hair. It sticks out over his ears all Albert Einstein-ish so I keep him buzzed :)

Lauren said...

go ahead and try to tell me that that doesn't look just like mark driscoll.

also, here's a picture of mark for comparison:

ALSO--a delurking blog coming up soon on my page. we'll bring those lurkers into the daylight, you just wait.