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Sunday, May 11, 2008

puppies & porcupines.

"hes like a teddy bear"
but truly hes not.
more loyal
more fickle
more charisma than me.

"Shes like a porcupine",
but thats not really fair.
more precious
more delicate
more treasured is she.

she hates the sun
and he loves to run
right out of my arms and into some trouble.

she loves mamas smell
he heeds daddys stare
but we all giggle on top of my covers.

her breath on my nose
his hand on my knee.
i feel honored & needed & peace.

potential, hope, future, & truth
stare back at me from under
his lovey.

grace, faith, beauty, & life
nuzzle right into
my chest.

in just a few moments
the floodgates will open.
more fear
more doubt
more uncertainty.

but Jesus for now
keep me close to these babes.
more time
more love
& more You for me.


Shawn said...

That is beautiful Jess. You are both wonderfully faithful parents.

Also, can we get a book together with some of your writings? I see great things for you.

KatieEWalters said...

really, beautiful. i love you and your heart- keep the poems coming. beautiful, really.