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Thursday, May 8, 2008

praise god!

just a quick blackberry update:
glory gained eight ounces in three days! as of monday she had only gained six ounces in three weeks! she jumped from the fifth percentile to the tenth! yay!

also, something to make you smile: nick and i cannot escape babies! the birds that live in the attic space inside our barnhouse bedroom just had chicks. were trying to think of as a neverending nature cd.


A.T.H. said...

Go Glory! BIG Praises to God! So glad that pediatrician figuring out the problem! I bet Glory is soooooo happy!

KatieEWalters said...

so great and great for u both patient mom and dad to brave the screaming and finally to say..ok really is there something else. I love u! K

Amy said...

What IS up with Lost? Seriously! I;ve always been a fan. At times it was boring and weird but this whole season has just been terribly boring. Ugh.