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Sunday, May 18, 2008

thankful Sunday

I officially got the go-ahead to go visit my dear Ruby when her manchild comes. Thanks to Jesus for coming through with an unexpected donation, thanks to my husband for giving me the okay, & thanks to my mom for praying so hard.

Kendra had her precious baby this morning who we call "Cadence", but her adoptive parents have named her Kaianna Grace. She is a true beauty & Kendra is a true BIRTH WARRIOR! She is my actual hero because she did the entire thing naturally and she was 43 weeks and 4 days pregnant when she delivered! She has literally almost been pregnant an entire year. Pics to come.

Also, not only did I survive this weekend with my kiddos - I loved it! I loved every second of being with them. I really did miss Nick but it was so empowering to see that I love being a mom of two, even on my own, and even when it is really hectic. Marilee and si-si came down and we all took a trip to the hospital to visit Kendra during labor, Elias and I played and played and played. Glory and I looked at each other alot and admired one another's beauty.

Lastly - while I was missing my husband like NUTS, I was trying to be strong and not text/call him a ton and tell him that. But last night at 11:30 when I was laying in bed watching "The Family Stone", I got a text that said "one question: want to cuddle?". Five minutes later, I heard Nick pull up! He had driven home early from his trip to spend the night with us and go to church as a family. Ugh - love him.

Wait wait - one more. I'm really thankful for God providing in silly ways. Financial security means different things to different people. We've been big spenders before, we've been in debt before, but now we're huge budget people. Because we live off of support, my husband is really careful about watching how we spend our money. But tonight was really freeing for me. We've never really bought our kids tons of clothes because we've never had to. People have always showered Elias and Glory with gifts and we've bought them a few things here and there - but not a lot at once. This weekend I realized that Elias had no shorts and very few t-shirts so I told Nick we needed to buy some. Also, Nick has never really bought summer clothes and he always sweats his head off. So tonight, I'm thankful for God's provision - that for the first time since we've had kids... we could go to Target and pick out clothes for my boys. Reasonably priced, within the budget, and very good looking. Thanks God.

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