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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Praises

So both my mom & sister have now written about things they're excited about for the summer, so I must follow suit.

l. gardening. Truth be told, I've never planted anything successfully in my life and I've killed both of the indoor orchids I've ever had. Today, however, I embarked on my first foray into gardening by way of planting marigolds outside our house. I'm only half done so we'll so how it goes. I also have the idea in mind to put much more color out & do an herb garden.

2. honestly - I love our girls but I'm excited about a little ministry vacation. Our current ladies leave in about two weeks and so far we have none coming in behind them. I'm really excited to have a few weeks to regroup the ministry, our family, & really get settled out here.

3. Our trip back East. In July the whole family is going back to Charlotte, Charleston, & Columbia. I can't wait to see my family, hold baby Abel, get coffee with Mom & Rube, dance with AnnaJaye & Abigail, sit on the back porch at Katie & Josh's, go to Angela & Devin's wedding, see friends, go to Mere's wedding shower, sleep in while my mom holds my baby, and maybe go on a date with my husband.

4. thursday. My small group is going to keep meeting but just as a playgroup and I can't wait to see these women each week & grow closer to them. I also can't wait to take Elias & Glory to various places on the Eastside to play.

5. summer fit club. Yet another reason why I love Mars Hill - they have a fit club once a month this summer for women! A real trainer is going to come & help us get hotttt for our husbands. I mean, healthy. No - I really just mean hot for my husband.

6. visitors. I know we may see the Milanis and my dad is definitely coming this summer. I hope we can convince some more friends to take a last minute trip to the great Northwest.

7. lastly... the weather. Today was the first day in a while it felt anything close to summer and it's only around 70 degrees. Praise God! There is nothing better than that! I felt so bad for my mom/all of the South when she said it was 100 degrees this week & her air conditioning broke in her car. I'm so excited for a summer that is bearable. Today , while gardening, I was able to wear some rolled up jeans and a three-quarter sleeve shirt. Niiice for someone who hates wearing sleeveless stuff.

Okay... that's alot.
I'm excited!

1 comment:

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

sooo jealous for your weather; can't wait to see the garden; YES to herbs---let's talk;DITTO on the family time in July of course and holding the babes while you sleep is not just a summertime praise but an "anytime I can get it" praise. love you.