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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

great day.

I like that southern expression, "Great day!" I think I'm going to bring it to the northwest. But truly... it has been.

Ooooooh, this morning I was a pill. Nick, Jared, Lauren, & Maria were headed to Portland and I was so mad I had to stay with the kids that I threw an actual temper-tantrum. There were definitely some sarcastic words said over breakfast and I am publicly apologizing. I even shed a few tears on my way to Starbucks with Glory & Elias - and for that... I am also sorry. Eventually I put on my big girl panties & sucked it up, and we decided to make it a great day.

Elias, Glory, & I spent a good two hours shopping for Father's Day presents for a day who truly deserves them. I got to spend a few minutes talking to my sister, which always makes me thrilled... I'm just in awe of anyone who can take care of three children. Gracefully.

It's only 4:08 pm, but this mama has learned a few things today. My son is a scaredy-cat just like me. He freaked out when I put him on one of the mechanical toys at the mall & today when Mickaela walked in from school, the suprise noise of the door opening startled him to tears. He is however, smart as a whip and he's learning new words daily. So far we've got Daddy, Hi!, ball, book, kiss, please (sort of), Mommy (sort of), up (which also means down), sis, & now we've added.... HELP! A great one, I believe.

I also decided I'm going to start writing some, for serious. Even if I'm the only one who ever reads it. Today I was scanning the books at the store and I realized there is a MAJOR category missing. Where are the funny, witty, mom books for Christians? Who decided all books that have to do with someone loving Jesus must be serious & a little sad? I really wanted to read a book written by a fun Christian mom who doesn't take herself too seriously and wants to share some funny stories... so I'm going to start writing it myself. Anyone want to join me?


Anonymous said...

Jessi check out Rhonda Rhea, she will make you laugh.

See you in July at Angela & Devins wedding.

Teresa (angela's mom)

Jennie said...

I'm all for wit, comedy, and Jesus. Do I have to be a mom?

Amy said...

Wes started saying mama about a month ago and I love it. He says it all the time now and it seriously melts my heart. When he doesnt understand something he looks at me and says "mama?" and shruggs his shoulders. Cutest thing EVER!

kalle said...

i'm in. but i'm not a mom. does this matter to you? i'm a God mom!

also, have you not read ann lammott? she's real funny and a mom.

kellycowan said...

yes let's write!!!

kellybollman said...

i want to read it! i love the way you write jess

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

Do it, daughter. Pursue it with all your heart. Don't delay. Or in the words of Beth: "Gift without Grit is just a danged waste".