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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

curious curious little kitties

Okay - I've gotten enough comments and emails today about my theory to post some FACTS. You can put it all together if you like.

1. Katie Holmes is married to Tom Cruise
2. Tom Cruise is a confirmed scientologist
3. Scientology is rumored to have a major foothold in Hollywood with many of it's members holding a lot of power
4. Katie Holmes was booted from the new batman movie
5. Heath Ledger, the star of The Dark Knight, died of an overdose that was seemingly inexplicable to his friends & family
6. Christian Bale, also a star of the movie, was arrested the night of the premier for allegedly assaulting his sister & mother
7. Morgan Freeman, another star of the movie, was in a near-fatal car wreck that they have no real reason for - other than he simply ran off the road.

I'm just saying, it freaks me out. I saw an interview with Tom Cruise where he said it genuinely hurt his feelings when people implied sinister things about his life & family. I actually don't want to add to that feeling if he & scientology are harmless. However - I know Scientology is not centered on Christ, therefore I know it is not of God. I'm half kidding about the conspiracy theory - but it just makes me question.

So I hope this blog comes off this way: I am not calling Tom Cruise or Scientologists worldwide killers or murderers. I am saying the entire religion freaks me out & it is not just a denomination of Christianity. If I'm taking a stand on anything I'm saying - pray for Hollywood & the scientologists, ya'll.


Anonymous said...

OMG I was just putting that all together myself thinking that it was weird. Then I read your blog this morning, confirmed it.

Teresa (ang's mom)

Sandy Broome said...

Hi Jessie, I'm Leslie Broome Gompers' mom and I read your blog often (I love your candor and sense of humor!).

Recently, our pastor did a series about dangerous deceptions that are the new rage among many celebrities, including the book that Oprah is so into (Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth") and Scientology.

During the message, there were video clips that were shown that I believe were part of an ABC investigation of the cult that were eye-opening and disturbing.

If you'll send me your mailing address through Leslie, I'll see if I can get a DVD copy and send it to you if you're interested. It was definitely a wake-up call that we do need to be praying fervently for all who find themselves attracted to the positive and appealing aspects of these "new" religions. Thanks for your honesty and keep on blogging!

Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

Milovy said...

OMG this is crazy and makes total sense.

Milovy said...

OMG this is crazy and makes total sense.

Nick said...

great now we are done...we are next

Rachel said...

Amen. There is something seriously dark to me about Scientology. All we can do is pray for a light to Hollywood.