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Saturday, September 13, 2008

5:00am Hear Glory peeping, go stuff her passy in, come back to bed.
Cuddle up behind hot husband and thank Jesus for him.
6:45am Hear Glory again, stay in bed to make her bottle while aforementioned hot husband goes to get her
6:47 - 7:45am Lie in bed with Glory girl, record all the project runways coming on today, watch True Hollywood Story a/b Britney Spears & pray my little head off for her. Laugh at Glory, a lot.
7:45am Finally get out of bed and start getting dressed. Throw some curlers in my hair to contain frizz. Watch the little lamb play with Daddy in bed. Continue watching Britney Spears.
8:05am Go in to respond to the screaming boy toddler and dress both babes.
8:30am Whip up some banana pancakes and feel truly pleased with myself when husband says, "what happened to you last night? you just woke up raring to go!"
9:15-10:45 Play with babes, mop floor, talk to preggos, schedule week, plan chores, eat breakfast and share half of it with Elias, the begger
11:00-noon Walk around farmers market disappointed that no one takes Visa
12:00-1:10 Feed kids, husband feeds me, finish making special banana-smoothie baby food for the lamby. Discipline the big one, and the do some laughing.
1:15 Babes napping
1:25 Phone call with Marilee. Love that she starts it out with, "OH MY GOSH - how are you?"
1:55 Collapse on the bed to write a blog and praise God for this life I don't deserve.


kalle said...

could the good mood have anything to do with the aforementioned dvr and cable:)

wight people said...


So, since you have all this new technology, how about getting your old technology fixed?! That way I won't be so shocked when we actually get to talk on the phone. That is all and I love you. Praising God for the friend I don't deserve.