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Friday, September 12, 2008

it's friday

It's Friday at 10am which means it is officially my "time off". From 10am-2pm on Fridays, I get some mommy free time where I can do whatever I want. I usually get up early, get dressed in real clothes, and go to Starbucks to read or write or whatever. Today I don't really have any reading to catch up on & I'm not quite in the mood to write.

So.... my plan is to go shopping for a special wedding project for Mere that I've been working on, which is crazy exciting. I'm definitely going to take a shower somewhere in there. Then - I'm going to come home & watch tv. Watch tv, you say? Yes - watch a whole lot of tv. For the last two years, I've had some form of basic cable... just a few of the standard channels & it's been just fine with me. Well when we moved to New Beginnings, we noticed that the internet was almost as slow as dial-up so we knew we'd eventually have to upgrade that for Nick's internet classes. Well - New Beginnings went ahead & okayed us to have the entire shabang setup: CABLE, DVR, AND FAST INTERNET! And as I speak, Comcast is here installing it all.

By this afternoon, I plan to have the entire Bravo channel DVRed. And - no more bickering when Nick is watching sports for six hours straight; because as I sit there, snugly tucked into his arm, I'll know that Project Runway is waiting for me.

Thank you Jesus. Amen.


Angela and Devin said...


Nick said...

There is no six hour sports marathon! LIAR. This blog is crap. I watch College football on sats. and Sportcenter after you are alseep or during the kids naptime.

This blog needs to check and site all sources. It cannot be trusted!

-love you

Lauren said...

Jesus, you know the desires of our hearts.

jon and kate plus 8+
kathy griffin+
top chef+
project runway=
veryyy happy women

thanks Jesus for sending your little comcast cherub.