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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day #2

Okay - here's my second concept: Dr.'s Appointments & Days off.
Look #1:

go ahead & audibly gasp at those awesome boots.

Look #2: 

I looked for that sweater all last year. I will find it and wear it out this fall!

Look #3:

I love the juxtaposition of colors in this outfit, even while it's understated! Also - this bag is the most expensive item on the whole page. Ugh - love it. 

Okay, this was too much fun! Can't wait to do the next day!


marcy said...

I actually own a sweater similar so I can help your search! I saw the sweater below on my neighbor and thought it was beautiful...

but they were out of the size/color I wanted so I got a similar one from the Gap for my birthday in a light gray color.

And yes, it's as cozy as it looks!

Milovy said... my dear. They have like 9 sweaters like the one you have searched for. Also Target carried one last week, I'm sure its there.
I love your picks. Keep them coming. I need ideas for this fall!

rloftin said...

Ahh! So funny, I was going to tell you that Victoria's Secret has a very similar sweater...I got it in gray and LOVE it, so comfortable!

kellybollman said...

this was my favorite thing about my lunch break at work.