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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my two cents

So I was inspired by Sara's blog and decided to indulge myself and be a fashion editor for a day as well. I really, really crazy miss the days I spent at Anthropologie - not so much the crazy holiday shoppers and long days, but the dressing and shopping for people was incredibly enjoyable.

Not that anyone will benefit from this besides me, I would still like to have a little fun and name my fashion picks for fall. If I really wanted to go to fantasy land, I'd pick outfits for someone actually living outside of their home, in society - but since I'm here all day, for the most part, here are my three categories. #1) everyday at home: I like to be crazy comfortable at home and ready to workout if I have a quick second, play on the floor with the kids, and be semi-presentable in case people stop by #2) appointments: for my own doctor's appts, taking the girls to theirs, or days out alone, still pretty casual - but this usually involves real shoes and I couldn't usually workout in it #3) date nights & church: no where near dressy, still very comfortable, but the closest I'll get to formal for a few more years at least!

Main themes in my picks:
  • minimal accessories - just enough, but bigger in size (i.e. bigger earrings or cocktail ring & nothing more)
  • anything that matches a deep gray neutral
  • play with colors that don't look good on your skin tones, just in your accessories. that funky yellow that no one can wear? do it on your feet! if turquoise makes you like sick, throw it in your ears.
  • reinventing the classics. fun cardigans, jeans worn funky ways, mainstream accessories blown up
So here's the first category - every single day.


Rachel said...

I would love for you to be my personal shopper. I'm in no man's land as far as clothes--can't shop here so I probably won't have anything new for a few more years. Except accessories, now that is something in abundance that will actually fit. Now I'm inspired to actually try some. :)

kellybollman said...

ooo - keep em coming. my head said some things like, "I knew the gray thing... check. big accessories and not too much... hmmm... gotta get some cheap updates with those." You and Katie inspire me each season. And uh, Cheraw doesn't - so much. Love you friend!

wight people said...

I just now got to see all of your fashion editorials and.....

I have a small problem with each thing you chose.

I just HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!!! Can't wait for our next adventure to the mall on a small budget!