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Sunday, September 28, 2008


So I can't say enough amazing things about our current message series at Mars Hill. I already love absolutely everything about my church, and this is only bumping it up. Pastor Mark is speaking on the Song of Songs in a series called The Peasant Princess and he is really opening the word and saying the things the church needs to here. Great truth about the biblical standard of the roles Christian men and women, freeing words about the beauty of Christian sex, and of course - as always - charging our men to pursue, protect, and provide.

One concept he mentioned today was that women need to provide an Engedi for their husbands. In Songs, Solomon compares his lover to this biblical place that was like an oasis for him. Pastor Mark was encouraging us to let our men have their peace - that we should aid in that. I have to say, my mama taught me well. She is passionate about setting up some good old southern Engedi. Everyday when Gibson gets home, she has wine and cheese waiting on him and she makes sure that even when there are five grandbabies running around her abode - it is still a clean and comfortable place to be. I know she tries hard to make her home feel peaceful for all in the physical and spiritual realm - and she accomplishes it.

Anyhow, I've been thinking all day about Engedi. Truly providing that for Nick would mean us moving out of New Beginnings - because I know he is never going to be totally comfortable with pregnant women living with us. Understandable. However, this is where we are for now and until God calls us elsewhere - I have to work with my challenges. The downstairs of our house is such a free-for-all and not really a place where he finds peace, so I'm focusing more on our upstairs. Some things I'm thinking about implimenting:
  • Doing all of my/kids laundry in our guest bedroom so our room isn't inundated with it.
  • Clearing all toys, diapers, bottles out of our bedroom and stop letting the kids play in there just so I can relax on the bed while they do.
  • Making sure he has plenty of clean, cleared space for his books so he doesn't feel like they can only be beside his bed.
  • Having snacks stocked in his office for his study days. And maybe looking on craigslist for a mini fridge where I can put a few bottles of Stella Artois and some salsa for his multigrain chips.
  • Keeping our reading nook tidy & peaceful for his time with the Lord.
  • MAYBE stop eating popcorn in bed. MAYBE. We'll see.
I don't currently do any of these things now, so don't be thinking I'm some kind of wife-saint. I suppose the goal is for Nick to see me as that, though! Anyhow - I'd love tips from you wives on how you do it & from anyone else too! I know some single women with some seriously relaxing and peaceful spaces - so don't hold back! And I DEFINITELY suggest checking out the videos from this sermon series. Do it.

love ya'll.


unveiled said...

i am going to copy your blog. at least i am telling you ahead of time ;).

Michelle said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I am SO going to watch the messages and research this some. You spoke to my heart!

Monica @ Paper Bridges said...

hi there. good for you thinking of these things to do for your hubs. wise girl! (just added your pastor's new book to my wishlist, btw)

monica, first time here