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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my little romantic

It's been one of those days.

For whatever reason, Elias actually cried from 5am to 8am. He was crazy all day, crazy at night. Nothing is really wrong with him - we think he's just tired because we finally made the switch to both babes in the same nursery. It's been nutty, but we're sticking with it. The major trials are that Glory has recessed to taking a bottle at 5am because I suppose E's breathing wakes her up, and Elias - in true protector form - just sort of seems to stay awake and watch her. Anyhow, both kids are tired and that means that mom is extra tired.

But Glory - my little ball of sunshine, never ceases to amaze me. When we brought her home from the hospital and in the weeks that followed, I was really truly scared of her. Other people confirmed it too, she was scary to be around. She cried for no understandable reason and she could not be consoled - the only way to make her the slightest bit nicer was for me to hold her, 24 hours a day. I spent all day with her and there was so much time I worried I was neglecting Elias.

Now, my glor glor is like a bomb of happy. She actually can go days without crying now and most of the time - she wants her Daddy to hold her, but only so she can smile stupidly at him. The other night she woke up in the middle of the night and wanting to do nothing but be in her Dad's arms... smiling at him so big that her eyes close. I love that she is enamored with him, mostly because I think it testifies to the fact that he is so amazing and pursuing and loving to me, she sees him as the epitome of romance and love. Such a picture of Christ, he is.

But there are days like today when the big boy is needy all day, and my hands are constantly upon him, somewhere in the very back back back part of my weirdo head - for a miniscule slice of a second, I miss the screaming little girl who needed her mama. Not really, but just a little bit.

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Nick said...

You are sweet. I love you.