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Saturday, October 4, 2008

some light reading for ya

One thing I've found myself saying a lot lately is how thankful I am for the heart God has given me for the issue of babies and raising children in general. I'm not saying how to raise children - because I'm years at least from understanding that, but I feel like my mind is beginning to grasp what the Word says about these little gifts. I find myself using the words, "open hands" a good deal because I feel like we are supposed to openly receive the blessing of children and all at once, hold them open to the Lord, vulnerable to the way he chooses to glorify Himself through them.

I started writing about my journey to having open hands and realized then it was way too long to just post on a regular old blog. So I've cut it up into pieces and I'm posting it unedited on my writing blog. I may eventually get my writing group to read and critique it, but for now I feel like the main purpose was me documenting the process of going from haphazardly jumping into motherhood to daily learning to appreciate this crazy gift.

I would love it if was helpful or even familiar for the mothers-yet-to-be or the ones in the thick of it. Feel free to read it here and throw me a bone and write about your journey so I can read that when Glory wakes up at 4am for a bottle or when Nick is gone on Monday night for school. Our experiences (and mistakes) are so much more valuable when we share them with others.
Thanks friends! Jessi

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