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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday night meetings

So our little ministry is filling back up.
When this week is said and done, we'll probably have four girls living with us.
I don't know how to even begin to describe them all - they are all SO different and pretty hilarious.

  • one is from Kenya and speaks very little English - tonight she demonstrated how the word 'beach' can be mistaken for a different word with her accent.
  • one is basically from the streets (but not at all) and uses the phrase, "that's bomb" quite often.
  • the other is a self-proclaimed hippie and has a mild obsession with fruit. one of her favorite phrases is "right on". not even kidding.

we love those little crazies.

so if you want a glimpse into our lives - here are a few topics we had to bring up at our weekly meeting, these are verbatim words from our house notes:
"- we should not have to bang on your door. ever. enough said. "
"- clean up after yourself. seriously."
"- watch your serving sizes. a jumbo bulk size jar of hummus should last more than a day."
"- we will ask when we want your opinion on our driving, cooking, child-rearing, or lifestyle."

you can infer how fun it can be. seriously though - we love em.

1 comment:

wight people said...

I am so glad you shared this! These girls are an absolute riot! And not awkward at all...what?!

I can't imagine being in your position. I'm excited to meet the new girls! It's sweet to hear you talk about them and say you love them.