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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

40 thankful thoughts (part 1)

In honor of Thanksgiving & the old blog hitting 40,000 hits, and because in general - thankfulness is a good thing to have, here it goes.

1. Jesus. Worthless without him.
2. Diet Coke. Obviously, we aren't going in order of importance here.
3. That Elias is sort of turning into a Mama-lover again. Not a Mama's boy, because he can still wrestle and go nuts with Daddy, but he likes me a lot again.
4. That airline prices have reduced a lot, so we might get to make a quick trip back East for the holidays. Keep praying about that one, though!
5. The book of Hebrews in the Bible, it's always been my favorite.
6. That I've almost perfected my imitation of Nene from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.
7. That my husband is HOT. I still don't quite understand how I snagged that one.
8. That Glory crawls without using her legs, which makes us laugh.
9. I'm finally liking where my hair is headed these days. Where it's headed, I said.
10. For the three new black "tops" Nick bought me from Target this weekend. Black is a preggo's best friend, ever.
11. Baby monitors, nice invention. Yeah - I just looked around & made that one up.
12. That ya'll are starting to comment more on my blog! I mean, I know people read it, more than three people should comment. However, I stink at commenting on others blogs - so....
13. For our camera, I really like it & I'm glad my husband decided to override me on that one.
15. Northwest weather. Most people hate it, I can't get enough of it.
16. General Hospital, the soap opera.
17. That I have learned to own my love for General Hospital.
18. Tylenol PM and it's non-habit forming goodness.
19. Our idea for a Christmas card, I'm really excited! Will you email me your address if you'd like one:
20. Our church - Mars Hill Bellevue. A really sweet gift from the Lord.


Nick said...

I do not know if overriding you for the camera is how I would put it...

We might not have communicated well...but override...come on now!

Love the first 20. Cannot wait until the next 3,980. Remember 4,000 for 40,000 hits.

Leigh said...

1. Make a video of Glory "army" crawling as we call it in the nursery. I can't believe she is old enough to crawl. AND one of your Nene voice, that lady is crazy.
2. Glad you got it, i know you are crazy busy but I would really really love to tell you the bigger story than that one small word. It's going to be amazing. And test my patients to the very limits I'm sure.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

It's good to know that you are thankful for the comments. I write you all the time and I was wondering if it was bothersome :)I don't blame you for not comment back often - 2 under 2 and one in the oven... when do you have time to pee? Love you & Happy Thanksgiving!

Milovy said...

Um I LOVE NeNe and now feel less guilty for watching that catfight on the reunion special last night. "Eyes popping, lips busting! BAM!"

I am also thankful for Diet Coke. And I have always been a little jealous of your hair. It's so shiny and full and pretty.

Michelle said...

Nene! She IS crazy! I'd love to see that impression...

And I'd also love to know what kind of camera you shoot with...loved your Thanksgiving pics. Well, all your pics.