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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful thoughts, part 2

... & we keep on going....
21. My sweet friends across the United States. Here, in North & South Carolina, up and down the East Coast.... oh, and there is one in Slovakia, too. They make life sweet.
22. For all my friends that are pregnant! What a joy! It is about 50 times sweeter to share this experience with you ladies. I hope all of you will make official announcements soon so I can blog about your bebes!But, no pressure.
23. Hospital scrubs. I'm not a nurse, but sometimes I want to be - just to wear those cuties.
24. My big old fake diamond earrings. I wear them 6/7 days a week and they make me feel BEAUTIFUL. I've actually been writing a blog in my head for weeks about the history of my relationship with earrings. Stay tuned.
25. That my husband is always trying to teach me, in a really Godly way. He sends me emails around every other day with titles like, "My thoughts on homeschooling" or "Knowing God's Will" with research he has done and wants to share with me. Even if I don't ask for it or expect it.
26. I'm ready to out myself on another one: I am thankful for the Twilight books. I love them. I haven't blogged about them, but I read all four in a matter of a week and barely slept during those days. They aren't freaky or spiritually weird and I actually think they're a good cultural picture of romance & protection.
27. That my husband was gracious enough to go see the movie with me last week! And we both loved it! Well, I loved it - he didn't hate it.
28. For 40,000 hits in general. Seriously? You talk long enough & apparently people will read it.
29. My writing group, we met for the first time last week and it was so great to meet women who I've only gotten to read words from. Very sweet.
30. Music & great musicians. A really good worship song or some nice Beyonce makes my day.
31. hot sauce.
32. Really good breakfast places, like Harvester in Tacoma or Melanie's in Boone. Kalle and I would drive 2 and 1/2 hours for some Melanie's when we lived in Charlotte. no lie.
33. Having a boy & a little girl. That's a blessing I can't even believe.
34. My husband says I'm thankful for PTI, the show on ESPN.
35. That I have a really tidy man. He makes his side of the bed, helps me with laundry, & picks up after himself - always.
36. naps.
37. The pumpkin soup I'm making tomorrow... and Laurens' sausage & cornbread stuffing. And the pastry brie wheel... and the espresso brownies... ugh. I should stop myself.
38. That both kids slept till 8:05 this morning.
39. For my extended family & that they all know & love Jesus.
40. Lastly, I'm thankful for this entire year. Moving across the country, having a second baby, running a ministry, meeting new friends, growing as a married couple & solidifying our family. Jesus has blessed & sustained us. Thanks, Lord.


christy said...

Congratulations on 40K hits Jessi! Thanks for sharing your journey with so many. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nick said...

'Tidy' was such a nice word choice. You could have said 'anal' or something like that.

Also..I do not hate do not hate works out.

Love you a bunch. I am proud of your blog, but mostly you.

Jennie said...

JESSI! I just read Twilight on Sunday (that's right, read it in one day). I echo your sentiment-- nothing creepy about it-- I found it (to borrow a word from a friend) edifying. That's her family's rule of thumb with books and movies. Is it edifying? Does it add to your character or appreciation for life for reading/seeing it? I say yes.

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

so glad you have some insight on Twighlight since Caroline is reading it and enthralled. She WILL be writing you about it; matter of fact you can give her the next 3 (if you still have them)for Christmas.

Iris said...

Your table looks amazing! And you menu sounds delicious. Have a great day!!

lauren said...

#1. do you own the twilight books?
#2. if so, can i borrow 2-4 because i am dying to know what happens and i'm like number 300 or something at the library.

Laura Troutman said...

Well I'm really thankful that I made the blog all the way from Slovakia! I can't believe how horrible at keeping in touch I was while in the States... can we PLEASE have a date soon?? I love you!