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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

we're halfway there.

Lauren started at 10am.
I took the last grocery trip with the kiddos at 10:30am.
(I thought it was the last, I'm going back once more in the a.m.)
Lauren spent all day cooking & I think so far, she got down the mac & cheese, veggie casserole, congealed salad (which actually looks delicious), cornbread sausage dressing, sweet potato souffle, banana chocolate bread, & the raspberry/strawberry cobbler.
I think she finished around 11pm.

Nick and I started at 6:30 when the kids were passed out.
Between the two of us we got one turkey prepped, pumpkin soup made, pastry brie spread constructed, roasted garlic prepped, tapas tray prepped, & espresso brownie batter mixed. We also assisted in the cleaning and recleaning of the kitchen, decorating two tables, and setting 16 places at two separate tables.

Tomorrow the turkey goes in at 7am, the oven starts a cookin' at 8am.
I've got mashed red potatoes, pear & goat cheese salad, & gravy still to conquer.
Here are some pictures to get you excited, we sure are.

The following is what happens when you need to distract yourself from being away from extended family at Thanksgiving, and when your helpful son & husband gather materials for your table - GOOD JOB BOYS!!!


Nick said...


JARED said...

awwwwwwwwww. you guys rock. good job friends. have a terrific thanksgiving!

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

incredible. don't forget our rule about "those who cook, don't clean up"...
love you, Momma

Jennie said...