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Thursday, November 27, 2008

ahhhhh..... are you ready for Christmas?

So - Nick & I have talked a good deal about how this is our First Thanksgiving doing just one meal - just one celebration... Well, so much for that.

We did do our one big meal. We cooked and cooked and arranged and plated and served and warmed and the last hour was hectic. Around 1pm, twenty or so people bustled in - we prayed, babies cried and kids ran around, we sat and mumbled between baby food & rewarming food, and then cleaned and twenty or so people rustled right out the door.

An hour or so later, Lauren, Nick, and I decided we felt a little gypped. Nick put it best when he said, "That wasn't Thanksgiving - that was a soup kitchen!" We decided to do round two, sit down with just the three of us and have some meaningful conversation, actually eat our food, talk about the things we're thankful for and the things to come.

So when the kids were down and the preggos were in a turkey induced coma, we pulled out some wine and some beer for Nick, reheated the food we didn't really get to enjoy, and had Thanksgiving. It was really awesome and just what we all needed. Don't get me wrong - we were thankful for the company that surrounded us today and we are always thankful to put on a little show, but a private dinner for three was just what the doctor ordered.

As for the food, here is a quick recap:
Turkey: it was Nick's first and you couldn't tell. He cooked a 25 pound mammajamma that was DELICIOUS. Lauren's stuffing: ya'll have got to get in on this. It was the best I've ever had. Lauren's Mac & Cheese, Veggie Casserole, & Sweet Potato Souffle: amazing. She rocked the house. Congealed Salad: Seriously, she changed my mind. It was also delicious. Brie Pastry: I amazed myself, no lie. That was great. My first try at gravy: consistency was good, tasted like butter though. Pumpkin Soup: I loved it, everyone commented on how spicy it was... but it was still good to me:) Mashed Potatoes: can any Paula Deen recipe be bad? Tapas tray: olives, crostini, pickles, mozzarella, all good to me. Pear & Goat Cheese Salad: I ate about six servings tonight alone. Espresso Brownies: the batter is still uncooked in the fridge, I may have bit off more than I could chew. Roasted Garlic: I never got to it, but it looked delicious.

And of course, a few pictures... but just for reference: I didn't eat the whole turkey leg.


Nick said...

That is so much food. Every inch of the counter is covered with some sort of food.


I have never eaten so much. I think I have food coming out of my neck.

kalle said...

it looks so good. i'm completely depressed that i couldn't come.

Leigh said...

I am jealous of your Thanksgiving. I have always wanted a spread like that!

Demi Eliese said...

looked like our kithen/table. thank the lord for double ovens, I don't know how i ever got by without them.

Jennie said...

Are you blonde again?

wight people said...

The Smart Balance in the first picture is so beautiful. Makes me want to dig right in!;)

Super gifted and gracious hosts/chefs you are! Proud to be your friend!

Now, have you baked the brownies yet for goodness sake???!!!!