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Monday, November 17, 2008


So, my sweet friend Kelly has insinuated that I'm less than forthcoming on the old blog. Apparently, I list my many endeavors and don't exactly communicate when I lack on the completion. So, here it goes - Kelly better follow through with her end of the bargain (to list her own confessions) and I'd like if all of you did as well:)

- I did move the kids into the same room and about a week later, we moved them back out. Glory was regressing and taking a 4am bottle so we kicked her out of the nursery while she broke the habit.
- After Elias' daddy day and subsequent passy overdose, I haven't actually taken it back yet. He had it for his nap & bedtime yesterday and today. When I work up the dedication to take it away, maybe the Lord will help me once again.
- Elias eats veggie chicken nuggets around three times a week. Mac & Cheese atleast twice a week. I'm not a creative meal mommy.
- The other day, I called a poop embargo and decided I wouldn't change another stinky diaper - I had already done one for each kid by noon and they were both filling up their tanks again. So, I did what any respectable mother would do & bribed our assistant Lauren with a coffee to change one of the stinkers.
- I don't brush Elias' teeth twice a day, every day. Between Nick and I, I think we hit him once a day - maybe, but it's not my forte. Please no lectures here, I'm working on it.
- I quit making my own baby food when my nausea flared up and didn't start back up when it went away. I really want to, but man - it takes so long.
- I only wash my hair every three days and I usually only cleanse my face with baby wipes. My hair is high maintenance and my skin is low maintenance & I take advantage.
- I like christian rap music.
(that last one was for free)


jasonbradley said...

LA Symphony in the house! Haha. Remember that one? Witchour little shirt on. I haven't listened to that in ages. Or secular rap for that matter.

P.S. If Kelly goes and is less than honest, I can fill in the gaps. HAHA!

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

confession is good for OUR you!

Nick said...

Christian rap? Do you listen to it when you are alone? I have never heard you listen to Christian rap...except in high school...


unveiled said...

oh crap now i've got to confess too. i didn't know if you'd do it. ALSO i didn't mean to make you sound like you were out to hide things, just that i like to know the not so amazing stories too if they end up that way. loved the list. i'll work on mine. yikes!

unveiled said...

(that was kelly)

Anonymous said...

and ps: could you follow through on the pic of the cut. some of us only have picture access on the blog...i cant wait to see. K

Anonymous said...

p.p.s anonymous i never even knew you could do this Im gonna start commenting like crazy...wherever I want.
im wild.
im free.
im coyote.
im..jk- K

Jessi said...

Listen, I understand skin care! I sold Mary Kay. I do admit I still use moisturizer, but with only about three minutes in the morning - I'm going to stick with baby wipes.

Kristen said...

Oh, why do I love posts like this?!? It just makes me feel less alone, I guess. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and yes, link away!