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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the goose & the lamb cage fight

So our kids have really become obsessed with one another in the past few days... it's been really sweet to watch. Glory has been hooked on Elias for some time now, but he is just starting to see what fun she can be. The past few days have been filled with them yelling (shreaking) at one another and Elias yelling "GOOOOEEEEY!", lots of wrestling matches, and not a few laughs. As you'll see in the following pictures, Elias' favorite new move is to stand behind Glor when she is laying on her stomach and flop onto her back. You'd think she might cry or feel uncomfortable, but usually she flops over (still underneath him), claws his face like a madwoman, and a wrestling match begins! Dear Jesus, please let this baby be a boy so our little lamb isn't stuck wrestling with our handsome silly goose. However... if it is a girl, the two of them could definitely take him!


I don't even know what to do with this smile....

... and he got her... 

...and she got away.... 

but he got her again!

This is my view. 

And Nick relaxing...

Getting some glor-glor love. 

& fighting over a magazine! 


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