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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are you ready for this?

The 1st Annual Connolly/Hogan/Musick New Beginnings Thanksgiving Menu: 

tapas tray
traditional salad
pear & blue cheese salad
brie wrapped in pastry with fruit garnish & Carrs crackers
pumpkin soup
roasted & stuffed garlic cloves

(main dinner) 
TWO 25 pound turkeys: one stuffed, one unstuffed
cornbread sausage dressing
sweet potato souffle 
veggie casserole
homemade macaroni
congealed salad
red smashed potatoes with goat cheese
cranberry relish
yeast rolls
creamed corn
traditional sweet potatoes 
gravy, duh.

banana bread
apple pie
pumpkin pie
southern pecan pie
espresso brownies
ALL a la mode. 

It's hard for Lauren & I to imagine our first Thanksgiving away from home, so we're focusing on making our mamas proud from the other coast. 


Annie said...

You had me until I got to congealed salad....must be a southern thing. Everything else sounds amazing.

Nick said...

For the record I cannot claim this to be a southern thing.

Maybe in the deep deep south? Maybe even in prison or some public school cafeterias?

Jessi said...

Also, for the record - I am totally opposed to the congealed salad, but Lauren is promising me she is going to change my mind about the entire food group. And yes, in the old south - congealed south is a food group. Any respectable 80 year old woman in the Carolinas should come to Bridge Club with a gelatanous-cream-based-jiggling-brightly-colored-form.

Lauren's has pretzels, mmmmm.

lauren said...

My grandmother ALWAYS makes congealed salad... There's usually only a square or two missing by day's end.

Leigh said...

a. can I come because that sounds delish!
b. congealed salad ohhh yes. at my grandmothers house for christmas we will have multiple kids. one that is pink and has pineapple and creamcheese in it and one that is red with cherries and marshmellows. and going on with the congealed salad theme I went to a church social once with my grandmother that lives in a TINY NC town and there were 7 different ones. 7. There were more congealed salads than desserts and that is not a joke.

Leigh said...

and by kids I meant kinds

kellybollman said...

oh yes, the congealed salad with pretzels. We do that, with strawberries, and cream cheese or even sour cream.
It's for real good.
Who the heck is cooking all that food???? How many ovens do you have??
Be sure to take a pic of the table!!!

kalle said...

this sounds amazing. and i also love that we have so much time discussing a souther dish. the congealed salad is an art form. and also slightly scary.

Lauren said...

okay everyone, let's talk through this--

yes, congealed salad is gross. how could anything not sound gross when it's called congealed? also, my mind automatically goes to national lampoon's christmas vacation with crazy aunt bethany and the cat food jello.

but, it's thanksgiving, damn it. and these are the sacrifices we make to carry on family tradition.

with all of that said, hopefully i can change some minds.

oh, and jess, can you grab some cat food and pistachio jello next time you're at fred meyer?

Nick said...

Notice...all but one who commented below, live in the south, are from the south, or hope to return to the south some day...

Have fun with your congealed salad..

Jessi said...

a) my missionary assistant just cussed on the comment page. is that allowed?
b) for the record - we are working with four ovens, three fridges, and two deep freezers. You do know we feed preggos? We have to be able to store some food. And in this house alone we have two dish washers.
c) Leigh I wish you'd have several kids at Christmas! Come on Gray, help a sister out!

Leigh said...

Lauren: you made me throw up in mouth with the National Lampoon comment!
a. your kitchen sounds like heaven. do yall need a chef out there?
b. FOR REAL! and he totally shot down my girl name last night i mean come on Gray!

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

you're definitely makin this momma proud except for the pretzel cream cheese congealed salad. Sorry, Lauren...we may have seen that on our table all our lives, but some of us never ate it. It was only surpassed by the sliced pineapple sitting on a lettuce leaf topped by a glob of Duke's mayo and grated cheese. BUT, I know your momma will be proud that you are re-creating this masterpiece in honor of southern women. On another culinary note, I am getting a whiff of Jessi's pumpkin soup 3,000 miles is to DIE for...yumm...can that be shipped to Monroe, NC? Let's make time for a webcam that day ok and maybe I will be able to do a scratch and sniff on via the laptop?

Pinkie Winkie said...

Ok, forget my invite. Can I come there?!?!

christy said...

I'm pretty sure that Brie Cheese wrapped in pastry is not allowed at the same meal with congealed salad. I'm also pretty sure that the congealed salad should be in the dessert category. Bon Appetit!

Lauren said...

game on, everyone. game on.