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Saturday, November 22, 2008

it's not every day...

... that one of your best friends finds out she is having twins!
I'm so glad Kalle & Shawn finally broke the news! They are having some sweet twinsies! YAY! 

I've told Kal this week, they are definitely a couple that deserves double blessings. They've been really faithful to the Lord in so many ways and I'm so glad that they know what a treat and special honor they've been given. Children in general, are such a gracious gift, and two at once - wow. Thanks, Jesus. 

For whatever reason, the Lord has let us be together for this season & I couldn't be more grateful. I'll probably be about to pop when those little babies make their appearance but I am going to be there, be there, be there. Love you guys!


kalle said...

Thanks Jess:) I could not imagine doing this without you. And I totally didn't even think that we'll prob have our babies at the same time now! Maybe we do it at the same hospital and just tell them to wheel us to each other. love you

Shawn said...

Love it Jess. You are sweet. I'm working on the double hotel, I mean double hospital room for the two princesses, so we can have all the babies together :).

Nick and I will set up a man room across the hall (for short breaks of course).

Jessi said...

oh no kids, I'm keeping my little bun in my oven till your babies are out and I can hold them! I have to be there to help catch! Remember, my cervix won't open for the jaws of life so I'll just let my little man keep on cooking.

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Hmmm... Little man, eh? you know already?