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Monday, November 10, 2008

Mommy Mandate

So - this is the week.
I'm making an executive decision and we're ridding ourselves of the passy THIS WEEK.

Glory could care less, she thinks the passy is a toy.
Elias - on the other hand - his "sass" is like his right hand.
We've let him have it only in the crib and in hairy situations (going to the nursery or riding in the car), but this week we're saying goodbye.

Any suggestions?

I'm thinking tomorrow I might try the trick of cutting the tip off the passy and still letting him try to suck it. I heard that makes them not want it. Either way - Wednesday, I'm throwing them all out. Not even saving an emergency one.

Pray for us.


Demi Eliese said...

When we decided to take Alana's passi long ago-we were driving in the car and I opened the window and told her to say "bye bye paci is going away forever!" in a real cheery voice, because she was turning in to a big girl. She suprisingly agreed. While I don't condone littering on the highway, it's just an idea. I heard about the cutting of the tip thing. Also try a brand that you know he will not use. Like for isabel, if I give her a nuk paci, she'll spit it out immediately and laugh. Mam passi's are her friend. I'm dreading the day though when I have to take it away. We still had a rough first night without the paci but it was over quick. You can do it :)

Rachel said...

Wow, good for you. I have two thumb suckers but we are doing a similar thing with their lovies. I'm just not quite ready to get rid of them completely. We are going to lovie time only during sleep time. (Kirby was there before the move, but well, you know.) I've decided any more children we have are using a paci. Here it's way more sanitary (I cringe every time I see Bennett holding on to the rail on the bus and then put his thumb right in his mouth) and it's easier to stop... supposedly. You can let me know. :) If any of your readers have suggestions to get them to stop with the thumb give them my info. We'll be praying it goes smoothly!

Nick said...

Good luck with that...just kidding...I will help.

The lovey is going to be hard to rid him of. I mean, I still have and sleep with mine.

You know you are going to miss him holding that thing as he walks around, with the lovey dragging slightly on the ground. You know what I am talking about.