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Friday, December 12, 2008

fashion friday

I'm bringing it back, sort of.

I love Christmas gifts - LOVE. More than Christmas gifts, though, I love stocking stuffers! Just little things that someone finds on Christmas morning and thinks, "yes! what a great addition to my life!"

So, while all of these items may not be fashion based, they are all stocking stuffers I'd like to get for the ones I love.

For my husband:

The Mac Logos Software, it's not cheap but it's certainly small & I'm sure he would consider it something that would greatly benefit his life!

My son:

He loves to play outside and I'm sure if we get the foot of snow we're expecting this weekend, he's going to NEED to be outside!

My girl-girl:

Enough said. Enough said.

For my Mama:

I like these way better than the ones I got you last year!

For my sweet nieces, so I can cook with them the next time I see them:


Some fashion wellies for her walks with Beu.



The preggos living with us right now:

For Kel:

A necklace with Kanah & Grace's initials on it. And maybe I could then get her to tell me #3's name or atleast the first letter:)

for sweet Marilee:

a new necklace for you:)

& Angie -

For all the sweet girly gifts you're going to get for Ava.

and lastly for my sweet sister, Ruby

well, because, she works at a jail. Sorry, Kate.


wight people said...


You are so great! These would all be perfect, hilarious and oh so great! And if I ever wore that necklace, you would have to actually shoot me... you can't let me get that obsessed!

Pinkie Winkie said...

I would love to see Marilee wearing that. Actually-let's all get one and matching shirts and go see #2 when it comes out after we stood in line all night for tickets. We can even paint our bellies with scenes from Twilight...LOL!! So scary but I'm sure people already have done all of the above.

Yes! I love those cards! I love that design of bid. So cute!!

Jessi said...

um, I won't paint my belly or wear the necklace. I WILL wear matching shirts and stand in line all night:) I think you guys would too if we're honest! Also, Angie: if you search "bird" on etsy - you will find the cutest things in the whole universe!

Nick said...

Maybe I can come and paint my belly and wear a necklace??

I would never do this for the record...

Lauren said...

love all of it.

and i will never take sides ever again. i really need a ride to the airport.

though i will say, nick--you should probably paint your belly, and stand in line for twilight 2.

kalle said...

I think you're the best gift giver in the world. perfect gifts. I would give you a weekend at the bed and breakfast you loved that Nick took you to so you could relax with him again...and maybe some plane tickets home for christmas...and maybe a spa treatment...and maybe breakfast at Melanie's

Shawn said...


Where can I get that tee? Unfortunately, I didn't have much to do with that, so it would be false, and bad for my ego.

But also, hilarious.

Jessi said...

Shawn, I repent of the word I just called you for using the phrase "rotfl". I really am sorry and I will not do it again.

Lar, we will still ask you to choose sides sometimes.
Kal, thanks for knowing me so well, I'd love a spa day & another trip to Widby. Nick and I might have to treat you & Shawn for a babymoon.
Shawn, you should still get the shirt.

Anonymous said...

Don't u know about my cat like reflexes no mase needed:) seriously though u know stockings were made for fruit.. And mom I can only say that because u know u buy way better gifts for my fam than I could ever hope to buy!

Shawn said...

I forgive you duba.