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Friday, December 26, 2008

wrapping it all up

I'll just hit the highlights:
  • About three presents in on Christmas morning, Elias realized he was a toy-obsessed maniac. It was kind of fun to watch.
  • He hasn't really put his guitar down. When he needs to eat or play with another toy, he just slings it around his back. UNLESS he's sharing with the Cowan girls - which they all did quite nicely!
  • We got Gloriana dressed up in one of her new outfits from the Ladd donation & she was...EXQUISITE! She usually wears kind of grubby clothing because well, she is a little bit of a grubby girl. But when we put her in her Christmas finest, she was really breathtaking. Today I bought her some sweet hair bows that she finally has a little tuft to hold & she will be wearing tights & skirts for the next few years straight. Sorry, gal.
  • We had an amazing time with the Cowan/Flower clan. There is no replacement for family, but if there was - it would be good, Godly friends with sweet, beautiful babies who love your babies. Thanks for having us, friends!
  • My husband got me some awesome new perfume & lotion, and a smattering of other things which I don't deserve. Books, magazines, christmas flowers & more. Thanks for nurturing my gift-centered love language.
  • Since our kiddos did so great sharing a room Christmas night up at the Cowans, we used some Target gift cards to buy Glory's new crib mattress so she can finally inhabit the room with Elias! Nick gets his office back & I get my "laundry room" back! Yay!
  • and lastly... we booked our tickets back East tonight to see family. It will be three weeks late for Christmas, but we get to see our loved ones & celebrate all over again.
Pics to come!


Nick said...

I get it...WRAPPING IT ALL UP!! Christmas...wrapping..I get it.

I am going to write a blog and call it 'unwrapping it all'.

I love deserve more.

Leigh said...

I could have spent every dime on clothes for Glory. Gray had to kindly remind me multiple times that although that outfit was adorable it wasn't all about Glory. I think he is now terrified for our bank account and the hit it is going to take when Mattie Grace comes home.

Jennie said...

Pictures?!? Please?

wight people said...

gift-centered love language, huh?! How have we never talked about this? Good to know. I'm the worst at giving gifts, but I'm ready to practice! Love you. Can't wait to see Glory in all her glorious girly clothes! And watch E with his 'tar'. Silas can play his drums in the band!

ktabs said...

did you get all the money you needed to come back south? That's so great! I was going to see if you needed any last minute dollars. Let me know