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Saturday, January 10, 2009

accomplishments of the day.

Football is on ALL day. So Nick got a kid day/football day and I got to clean.
- I finally got to organize the kids closet/clear out all their old clothes. Abel and/or Ava have some really nice things coming to them depending on what we're having. For the record, I think Miss Ava Winkler will end up being the lucky recipient. I think Abel will be giving all our boy clothes back:).
- Downstairs furniture dusted.
- Massive section of house that is hardwoods cleaned - for the first time I tried a white vinegar solution & I really liked it. Nick hates the smell though.
- Soon, I will vacuum downstairs & up, clean the bathroom, and tonight I'll take all the ornaments off of our family tree. I mean, it is January 10th.
- I got to send several long facebook messages to my new internet friend, Michelle, thank you miss Sirkie-poo for the connection.

HOWEVER - the real accomplishment of the day is:
Elias finally gave me all the kisses. I give him ALL the kisses all the time, but when I ask for all the kisses - I usually only get one. Today, not once - BUT TWICE - has that sweet little boy come up to me and just covered my face in wet ones. Oh, praise Jesus.


Nick said...

You forgot to tell everyone that watching the kids and playing football was the same thing. I have been getting roughed up all day!

I think Elias thinks I am a trampoline.

You are a great wife and homemaker/keeper.

Pinkie Winkie said...

Well, for mine and Ava's sake I hope it's another sweet boy. But actually, baby girl Connolly would make a great play mate for Ava so either one will be a blessing to us! :)I'm glad you're finding out though. I really hate it when people don't. It's SO annoying to me and I'm not really sure why.

Leigh said...

Love the new blog layout!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I love love love when I get kissies out of the blue. I was at the Panthers game and it was so very sad.