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Sunday, January 4, 2009

it's gonna be a good week!

- Dinner with Kel & Kalle tomorrow
- Hopefully seeing the Wight's new abode
- NEW TV! NEW TV! TV BACK ON! I am a nerd & I don't care.
... Gossip Girl.
... The Bachelor
... The Office
... American Idol (well, next week)
- Psychotically long doctor's appointment on Tuesday which is mostly exciting because Lauren is letting me borrow her biography of Jon & Kate plus Eight, which I've been waiting to read
- One week closer to seeing family on the East Coast
- Small group starting again on Thursday
- Total Cereal is changing my life
- I'm holding out hope that maybe Elias will learn the number three this week. He is absolutely stuck on the numbers two and ten.
- I'm believing that my kids will also go back to sleeping past six a.m. We are about five days in to their new routine & I want to actually freak out.
- And it's the second week of the new year. What isn't great about that?


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I love when there are exciting things to look forward to. If I were getting ready for a visit with family I haven't seen in a while, I'd be ecstatic :)I hope you have tons and tons of fun. It's really warm here so I imagine it will be hot there! It doesn't feel like January!

I have totally noticed your awesome blog design creations and I looooove them! Nick's looks rad as well! There are so many "digital scrapbooking" sites out there and most of them have free downloads. LOVE that! What program are you using to make your lovely creations? I have lots of photoshop tips, if that's how you're rolling :)

And now for the potty training... I want it to happen soooo bad. Right now he doesn't care when he goes #2 in his diaper and I REALLY wish he did. I wish I was a stay at home mom so I could go with the no diaper, big mess method... but since I'm not I'm going to try the M&M treat way. That boy LOVES some M&M's! I have to get my mom and Gary's mom (who watch Wes while I work) on board and on the same track... that's going to be... challenging.

Sorry this is a book.

michelle lucille said...

phew! i'm not the only one ecstatic over the bachelor's resurgence. i keep checking tivo as if some freak of nature is going to stop it from recording.

i think that makes me a BIG dork...

michelle lucille said...

also, i responded to your comment on MY blog and i'm wondering, should i have responded on yours? i'm not privy to the proper way to do it.

ahh, rookies...

kellycowan said...

okay. i can't wait for tv either. i know. except gossip girl...x-na on that one. but also lost!! on the 21st!! are we doing a premier night?? also, the batcherlor jason. he is so great and i want him to get married!!! i am happy that you are happy about the new year!!! (i seem a little too adhd in this post)

ktabs said...

oooo girl. I canNOT wait for some good TV. I confess, I'm addicted. But how can you not be when you have DVR? I mean, you can record whatever you want, and what only good shows when you have free time.

Yay for:
1) 24 - even though no one else is excited
2) The Bachelor- I'm with Kelly, he is super great
3) Gossip girl- it's looking juicy
4) Lost- my first season of watching it on TV
5) American Idol- i admit, it's gone on forever, but I still love it
6) and, more of the City

Milovy said...

I agree with Amy about your blog. It is amazing looking. Do you know HTML?

Also I am excited about TV too. Lost, The City and 30 Rock.

Angela and Devin said...

I LOVE, i mean LOVE...john and kate plus eight. it is sick how much i love them. anyways, i found out today KATE is coming to Seacoast in Charleston next Tuesday! Super cool...maybe they will podcast it. Wishing I still lived there for this amazing event!! and woo bachelor--mad though that they are bring the old girl back! soo scripted!

Demi Eliese said...

I think you seriuosly need to consider designing a blog for me. for reals!! you always have the cutest designs!

and how the flip do you get 3 columns??? I want that!

Jessi said...

I'm writing back to all the comments rapid-fire style.
Amy: thank you. I just steal your ideas a little it:) I WISH I was using photoshop, I don't have it so I'm using powerpoint.
Michelle: I think you're doing it right & I'm doing it wrong:)
Kelly: I'll be in SC for the lost premiere! CRAP.
ktabs: i've never watched a season of lost on tv, either:) only online.
Kara: I may start watching The City. Is it good?
Ang: my mom is planning the Kate event. JEALOUS I am.
Demi: I'll do it! Email me some colors/ideas youd like.