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Saturday, January 3, 2009

while I still can.

I fought him on it, but Nick won out & we will be finding out the sex of baby number three.

This baby has been a bit different in that we haven't been obsessed with knowing the sex or what the name will be, I think because having one of each feels like such a blessing that we would feel blessed to add a boy or a girl.

But all of a sudden, it has snuck up on me & I need to list some names for both sexes while I still can. For the record - I'm thinking this one is a boy, & I haven't been wrong yet.

My absolute faves for a girl: Esme, Rose, & Margaret
for a boy: Cannon, Porter, Simeon, & Theodore

it may be a week or so before we have our ultrasound, so there's still time for suggestions.


Leigh said...

This baby has to be a boy! I called that way back when you first put it on your blog that you were pregnant! And I love Cannon or Simeon, not so much Porter but only because I know someone with that name who is so not cool. I have to say though Hogan would still be pretty sweet and special! If it just happens to be a girl I like Rose a lot, it flows well with Elias and Glory!

Jennie said...

I've cooled on Ines, but still love Adele-- Adele Rose Connolly?

Loooooove Cannon.

lauren said...

my top two of each are rose and margaret for girl and cannon and porter for boy. so, there's my vote!

michelle lucille said...

well, since my husband current vote is we not add to our ranks, ithank you for indulging my listing of names. aahh, if only we could name them without raising them for the first two years...

for boys: asher, judson, tobias, granger
for girls: anika and abree both have cool meanings, willow, luciana, charlotte (charlie)

i have to admit, i adore all the names you have in the runnings. esme is really charming, and cannon, porter, and theodore are just adorable (theodore sounds especially great with your last name).

:) yay babies!

Jennie said...

India Connolly

but I stand by my Simeon email.

Leslie said...

Since you vetoed my suggestion of "Caleb" when you were selecting a name for Elias, I'm going to refrain from making any suggestions;) However, I love Cannon for either a boy or a girl! I'm so excited for you two!

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

you've heard my girl vote...though i'm quite sure you won't use Margaret since you know i'll end up calling her Maggie or Meg. I'd love to do the Connolly ancestor tree so you can give this one - girl or boy - a proper Irish-Connolly name. Maybe Nick can get me started on it while you're home:) Soon, YES!

Rachel said...

I love Rose (one I wanted to use but Stan does not) and I think Simeon is wonderful!

Best of all none of them are the names we have picked out. Which really doesn't matter other than I'm due after you and I never like to seem like a name stealer. Even though we live on different continents. :) I know, that's completely random.

Lauren said...

we haven't even talked about theodore. i love that. teddy? oh that's really cute, teddy connolly.

you're scowling as you're reading this and shaking your head no to that suggestion.