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Saturday, January 31, 2009

this time two years ago.

This time two years ago...
I was in a good amount of pain, carrying a good amount of fear and anticipation.

The pain has come & gone, and come & gone again - the fear and anticipation has come in normal ebbs and flows like it should, but the love has grown, grown, grown.

This year you've become the big brother, learned how to walk and then run and then play and then do it all at warp speed. This year you've learned to dance and to sing and give us all the kisses. This year we've seen your heart become more open to others, more sincere with us. We've seen you play in the rain and we've watched you roll on the floor laughing. You've grown to love cars & trains and your sister and doing the turkey wing.

You've become a ham and a servant. We've waited patiently as you've begun to learn patience and while you've grown to respect our authority and learned in your humanity, to buck it. We've giggled as you've covered your mouth to laugh and tried to breakdance with kids twice your size.
We've tickled you and been tickled by you and we've just been amazed at the love God has given us for you. You are our Ebug, our big brother, our silly goose.

It's been a great year, Elias. And I cannot wait for one more.
Love you E.


Leigh said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Elias! I cannot believe you are already two. Time really does fly!

Nick said...

Your blog is way better than mine!


Mere said...

I hope y'all had so much fun!! I was definitely meaning to call you that day to wish him a happy birthday, and I forgot. Tell E I am very sorry. Love you!