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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

it's luuuurrrve.

I am officially in Valentines mode.

Come on, friends, please delurk and share some vday suggestions. 
What should we do with our kiddos? Our husbands? All the pregnant women living with you? 
Oh, wait... that's just me. 


Mere said...

I'm delurking myself today (I never have anything fun to contribute/comment on!) just to let you know that I love you and miss you. Also, to let you know that Craig and I decided to have a movie marathon on Saturday to watch all the classic love story movies. We've yet to pick them out, but I'm looking forward to just have a relaxing day with him and to soak up all the goodness of the classics.

kellycowan said...

i'm so excited for this weekend! we're going away to a B&B in canada, "christopher's woodlands", which we haven't done in so very long. can't wait. if we weren't doing that and staying in seattle...hmm...i would want to mainly just go eat really well. we love wild ginger downtown (thai). walks through downtown are nice. just sitting over coffee and dessert. maybe go hear some music somewhere. i think it would also be fun to go somewhere different for an appetizer...then dinner...then dessert or coffee. and at each place have a different theme to talk about ;). you know me ;). anyway, make it fun!!! i'm in the mood too!!!

christy said...

We are doing lots of normal stuff and just making it about LOVE! We've been making valentines with stickers and cut our hearts, decorating heart cookies and cupcakes, memorizing verses about how God is LOVE and how we can love others. I John 4:7-8. I John 4:10. um. will have a "special" breakfast of egg in a "heart" on Saturday and a "fancy" (meaning there will be candles) dinner that night where we dress up and all exchange our valentines. Mere's movies sound fun! We watched be my valentine charlie brown with Clara this week and she is still talking about how he didn't have a greatful heart when he didn't get any valentines from his friends and kicked the mailbox! have fun with the ones you love!

Leigh said...

Gray and I are going out to dinner Friday night because going out on Valentine's night usually costs a small fortune. Saturday we don't have any plans and all I want to do is lay around the house with him catching up on our Tivo and take Rivers for a nice walk, maybe down by the River if it is pretty. Oh and cook a yummy dinner that would be a treat, like steak maybe.
Married Valentine's day is so different from dating Valentine's day, really all I want to some good time with my sweet hubby. I could careless about the rest of that stuff, maybe because I hate spending money right now since we are saving for the adoption!
Anyways Love you and I'm sure your day will be great!

Anonymous said...

If you want to have a date, go to and search for gift certificates to your favorite area reastaurants for a discoutned price. you can even use the code "treat" when you check out all of the gift certificates are 60% off!! that's a great way to have a sweet date without spending too much money. enjoy!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Wait - I just want to know how many pregnant people live with you.