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Thursday, February 12, 2009


My poor kids have about six billion nicknames. Elias is E, Ebug, brother, goose, handsome-bandsome (don't ask), & whatever else comes out of my mouth at the time. Glory is worse. Anything to do with beauty-queen, sister, princess, NeNe (her alter-ego from the real housewives of atlanta), she gets it all. 

Yesterday I accidentally called Elias "lover" a few times in an attempt to say "brother". Freudian slip, I think so. 

We're having a little family love day. Both of my kiddos are going on almost two weeks of a bad nagging cold that is making them sweet as pie. They're that good kind of sick where their noses run green and they cough like maniacs, but they want to giggle and cuddle and touch foreheads at breakfast. Elias woke up at like ten pm last night, just to cough and lay between Nick and I as we watched Lost - sweetly holding both of our hands. Glor-glor's two front teeth are almost all the way in, and those big chompers just make me melt when we have a laughing session as I change her diaper. 

The budget is not doing so well that I can get these munchkins EXACTLY what I want to get them for Valentines this week (a push-walking toy for glory and a pretty new headband and a tutu and her first manicure... a big boy bed with cars sheets and blankets and pillows and sixty pairs of armani baby manpants for Elias), but I will take a lovey day like today with them over a plethora of presents. 

I may even pull out my camera this afternoon and snap a few shots of my lovers. 
Thats right, I said it. 


michelle said...

well, if we're coming clean, then i'll confess: i call elias "love"...and dave "love."

it's ALMOST as oedipus-ish as lover ;)

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Ok, so I THINK I have a set of cars sheets and pillow cases along with a lil teeny tiny comforter. It's for a crib matress/toddler bed. If you want me to look for it, let me know. I can always ship them there. I even have 2 cars window valances, that aren't completely terrible looking. Send me a facebook message if you;'re interested.

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

no push walking toy or armani boy pants, but a few goodies are on their way to the kiddos from Nonny.
Should get them today or tomorrow.
Remember my mantra: the real giving on Valentines comes from the men to us. Anything we give is just a bonus! It's the one holiday we can enter guilt-free, and let them romance away:)